Fall (2022) Review

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Fall (2022) Review

Horrorific content by christina on August 19th, 2022 | Movie Review | Survival, Phobia, Wilderness, Thriller, Featured Phobia, Isolation, Hollywood

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It's about two adrenaline junkie women who get stuck in a dire situation when they attempt to climb one of the world's tallest derelict radio towers.

Fall was directed by Scott Mann (The Tournament) and stars Grace Caroline CurreyVirginia Gardner (Monster Party, Halloween (2018), and Tell Me How I Die), Jeffrey Dean Morgan (The Unholy, The Possession, and The Resident), Mason GoodingJasper Cole (Hansel & Gretel), Darrell Dennis, and Julia Pace Mitchell.

Fall (2022) Review

Lionsgate's Fall is a thrill ride of a movie that exploits people's fear of heights. Two women are trapped at the top of a 2000-foot radio tower in the middle of nowhere, with no cell signal, and have to contend with a series of obstacles beyond just the vertigo-inducing heights. Unfortunately, although the lean, mean thriller does offer interludes of intense action and fearful vertigo, Fall tumbles into a film we've already seen before, almost identically.

Best friends Becky and Hunter love extreme sports and constantly push themselves to the limit. However, one mountain climbing accident sends Becky into a deep depression, causing her to retreat from her friends, family, and usual fearless self. To break Becky out of her funk, Hunter convinces her to join her on an excursion to check something off their bucket list- scaling one of the tallest structures in the world. They successfully reach the top, but they become stranded when they realize that the radio tower they are on is abandoned, and there is no food, water, or means of communication.

Director Scott Mann, working from a script co-written with Jonathan Frank, moves the story along quickly for the 70-minute thriller. The setup is straightforward and uncomplicated. The gathering of clues points to an impending catastrophe, similar to what is seen in the movie Final Destination. The emotional turmoil that Becky experiences and the clash between her personality and Hunter's more extroverted and impulsive behavior create obstacles and challenges that push the story forward.

The tension in "Fall" is primarily generated by its shots of narrow, high towers and platforms. These establish a feeling of unease and height, making the audience more anxious. The use of overhead and wide shots creates a sense of suspense and anxiety as it becomes clear how dangerous the situation is for Becky and Hunter. The effective use of movement and speed makes the scene even more alarming. The seams are occasionally visible; however, an opening sequence is undermined by a conspicuous green screen.

As Fall refocuses on other aspects of survival and characters' conflicts, it becomes clear that it is based on another recent survival horror movie. By the end of Fall, there is no denying the similarities. Two women on an adventure, one who is unwilling but coerced by the other, become trapped in a dire predicament due to disastrous structural problems. They can only rely on each other as time becomes an increasingly critical factor and the elements start to take a toll on their physical and mental state. Even a brief burst of light in the darkness can't disguise the fact that we've seen this story before. Repurposing the familiar narrative for a 2000-foot tower does nothing to change that.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan gives an emotionally charged performance but is limited by his role. Gardner and Currey also have difficulty making their one-dimensional characters enjoyable. We are more concerned with their condition than with Becky and Hunter's relationship. This wouldn't be an issue if Fall didn't use their personal drama to lengthen the already short runtime.

Worth Watching? 

It's more pronounced for how little there is. There's not much to Fall; it's a straightforward setup to highlight the excitement. Although Fall features some intense scenes and dizzying camera work, the story feels recycled, and the characters seem forced into the plot.

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