Escape Room (2019) Review

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Escape Room (2019) Review

Horrorific content by adrian on June 17th, 2019 | Movie Review | Survival, Confined, Survival Game

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It's about a group of strangers who were all invited to the ultimate escape room experience, which turned out to be no fun at all.

Escape Room was directed by Adam Robitel (who also directed Insidious: The Last Key and The Taking of Deborah Logan) and stars Taylor Russell (from Down A Dark Hall), Tyler Labine (from Rapture-Palooza, Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil) and Logan Miller (from We Summon The Darkness).

Find The Clues Or Die

Escape Room Review

I went into Escape Room completely blind, never even watched the trailer. For whatever reason I hadn't even expected to watch it, but I'm so glad I did. It was thrill ride very similar to legendary survival game movies like Saw and Cube.

Escape Room has a group of people all being invited mysteriously to participate for no apparent reason. They all meet up in the waiting room and make small talk while waiting for the game to start. Turns out, the waiting room is actually the first room they have to escape, and they'll all be toast (literally) if they don't. From there the movie kicks into high gear and never slows down until the ending credits roll.

There's not a single dull moment. There's also not a lot of gore to be seen (just like the original Saw), the movie is more about the elaborately themed rooms and the very real dangers they hold. And there's just enough backstory and character depth to care about their fate. The ending takes a hard left turn, but didn't hurt things at all. Great survival thriller overall.

Worth Watching?

Absolutely, especially if you liked Cube but wish the acting was better. I learned they're already planning a sequel which I can hardly wait to see.

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