Eating Miss Campbell (2022) Review

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Eating Miss Campbell (2022) Review

Horrorific content by angie on December 02nd, 2022 | Movie Review | Psychological, Cannibalism, Campy, Mystery, Teen, Maniac, Suburb, B-Horror

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It's about a vegan goth high school student who is reincarnated after a suicide in her previous life, falls in love with her English teacher, and develops an appetite for human flesh.

Eating Miss Campbell was directed by Liam Regan and stars Lyndsey CraineLala BarlowVito TrigoJames Hamer-MortonCharlie Bond (The Huntress of Auschwitz, Saltwater: The Battle for Ramree Island, and Bram Stoker's Van Helsing), Emily Haigh (Lair, The Lockdown Hauntings), Michaela Longden (When Darkness Falls, The Jack in the Box: Awakening, and The Creature Below), Sierra SummersAlexander J Skinner, and Justin A. Martell.

Eating Miss Campbell (2022) Review

Liam Regan's second feature film, Eating Miss Campbell, is a provocative exploration of human relationships and desires. Set in Yorkshire, the film follows the lives of several characters as they intersect and collide in unexpected ways.

Regan's debut feature film, My Bloody Banjo, caused quite a stir among indie horror fans when it premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in 2017. However, Regan has a talent for making people feel uneasy, and he looks to continue that trend with his latest project.

The book "Eating Miss Campbell" opens with the story of Beth Conner, a seventeen-year-old Vegan Goth girl who has to relive high school as part of her Purgatory after she committed suicide in her previous life.

The main character in the movie, Beth, is painfully aware that she is living out her existence in a horror movie. This knowledge gives the film an edge, as Beth is constantly trying to find ways to escape the confines of the genre.

"Let's just get this over with and shoot this straight-to-DVD movie already!" Beth says to the camera during her monologue. Regan responds offscreen, saying, "Physical media is dead!"

Eating Miss Campbell tackles some pretty dark themes - school shootings, self-harm, teenage suicide, cannibalism, child grooming in the educational system, and even the Weinstein scandal and the #MeToo movement.

Troma productions are known for their campy, over-the-top content that often includes themes of violence, sex, and social commentary. These themes are often used as gag devices or to satirize Hollywood's treatment of people in the movie business.

It can be challenging to discuss sensitive topics online because people are afraid of being "canceled" or ostracized. However, our social media feeds and news stories are filled with real-world horrors, and it's important to talk about these things, even though it's not always easy.

These themes make fun of how we often idolize high school shooters, mass murderers, and run-of-the-mill sex pests. The way Eating Miss Campbell portrays themes like sex and drugs is very over-the-top and campy. The dialogue, delivery, and humor are all wildly exaggerated to reflect this. Beth must navigate the challenges of school life, which include avoiding frat boys (who are date rapists) and the sadistic popular girls.

The parents are so wrapped up in their own lives that they overlook their daughter's abuse. It's sad when parents are absent, and their children suffer. It can take a toll on their mental health.

There is a link between the themes of sex and cannibalism; the desire to consume what we crave is similar to the act of cannibalism.

Despite her many struggles, Beth eventually learns to fall in love... with her English teacher. The actors in Eating Miss Campbell all turn in great performances as over-the-top Troma caricatures. Everyone has their own style, which adds to the exaggerated charm of the film.

My friend has a hilarious cameo in a dinner scene where he delivers a one-line joke in his strong Scottish accent. Regan's decision to add subtitles to the film makes it even more hilarious.

I was impressed with Blade Braxton's performance as The Midnight Rose. He steals the show with his larger-than-life personality.

He's quite the scene-stealer, and his Ringleader energy is undoubtedly a core part of his profession. It's clear that his vocation is something he loves, and he's written into the script as such.

Worth Watching? 

Blade, aka Simon Moore, was a much-loved member of the Troma family. Tragically, he passed away in March of 2021. His passing left a massive hole in the hearts of everyone he touched, including his Troma family and his brother in crime Liam Regan. It must have been difficult to continue this production after Blade's death. But Regan somehow managed to pull it off, and Eating Miss Campbell is a beautiful tribute to him.

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