Don't Look at the Demon (2022) Review

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Don't Look at the Demon (2022) Review

Horrorific content by christina on November 28th, 2022 | Movie Review | Possession, Cursed, Haunted, Supernatural, Demon, Mystery, Haunted House, Folk Horror, Dangerous Exploration

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It's about a spiritual medium who leads a paranormal investigative TV crew to a haunted home only to discover that the evil spirit she’s facing holds the key to her troubled past.

Don't Look at the Demon was directed by Brando Lee and stars Harris DickinsonFiona Dourif (Cult of Chucky, Arbor Demon, and Fear Clinic), Randy Wayne (Hellraiser: JudgmentEscape Room, and  Hold Your Breath), Malin CrépinJordan BelfiPhan Nhu ThaoKonglar KanchanahotiJessie FranksWilliam Miller, and Ashlyn Boots.

Don't Look at the Demon (2022) Review

Supernatural-themed horror movies are pretty standard, and for a good reason - they can be quite suspenseful and scary. However, if you're a fan of this genre, you know that new titles are released quite frequently.

It's rare for a horror movie to surprise viewers genuinely, but films in this genre often have certain consistencies that keep people coming back for more. For example, horror movies often have great settings that create loads of atmosphere and practical uses of light and shadows. Additionally, horror films often contain creepy and unsettling imagery, which can be used to surprise viewers effectively.

You usually know what to expect from films about ghosts and demons. And that's okay because sometimes we want a comforting and familiar movie.

Sometimes, we just want to watch a scary movie that will give us a good fright. We don't care if we've seen it a thousand times before.

For the most part, the movie Don't Look at the Demon stays relatively straightforward.

I usually don't watch many horror films involving demonic possessions or haunted houses, but a few things about this movie caught my attention and made it worth watching.

I love international horror films, particularly those from Asia. These films are usually some of the most spine-chilling, atmospheric, and imaginative in the genre.

Don't Look at the Demon is the first Malaysian film to be screened outside of the festival circuit in the United States. Made by experienced filmmakers, the movie highlights unique aspects of Malaysian culture, making it feel fresh despite its familiar haunted house story and overused plot device.

The other big attraction was the exceptional Fiona Dourif being cast in the lead role.

Don't Look at the Demon employs a wide variety of horror elements, which isn't necessarily bad.

Lee knows how to keep an audience entertained and doesn't hold back in his quest to deliver scares and action-packed thrills.

Whether or not you're a fan of jump scares, you have to admit that they can be pretty effective. This film relies heavily on them to create an atmosphere of suspense and fear.

The movie presents an intriguing mystery with a twist and builds suspense as characters uncover hidden rooms or find hints as to what is happening in the house and why.

Don't Look at the Demon possesses a palpable sense of dread, effectively conveyed through its possession sequences. Harrison is particularly chilling as the demonic entity's conduit, making the film all the more unnerving.

The production values are exceptional for a low-budget film. The makeup effects are amazing, and Lee proudly shows them off in well-lit sequences so that viewers can see the full extent of the work that went into them.

The source of the haunting is revealed to be a banned ritual, which is genuinely unnerving. This gives the film more heft and horror.

Although it has some great moments, the character drama is disappointingly shallow and unsatisfying. The characters themselves are also not very well-developed. It's hard for watchers to care about any of the characters because they are either unlikable or uninteresting.

The film's main strength lies in its central hauntings, which are truly spine-chilling. Dourif's brilliant performance is the driving force behind this, making it a genuinely beautiful watch. She's a talented actress who can make you care about her character, even if the script doesn't give her much to work with.

Worth Watching? 

Refreshingly, this movie doesn't try to reinvent the wheel. It's entertaining, and the ending is satisfying. You probably won't think about it much after watching it, but it's definitely worth a watch. Don't Look at the Demon is a movie that will freak you out. However, it's more than adequate at doing so, especially if you watch it at night with the lights out and the sound turned up.

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