Discopath (2014) Review

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Discopath (2014) Review

Horrorific content by adrian on September 02nd, 2020 | Movie Review | Slasher, Serial Killer, Police, Gore, Maniac

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It's about a guy who goes into a murderous rage whenever he hears disco. Ok, maybe a lot of people do, but this dude follows through.

Discopath was directed by Renaud Gauthier (who also directed Aquaslash) and stars Catherine Antaki, François Aubin and Sandrine Bisson.

He was made for loving you baby...

Discopath Review

Discopath is about a guy who sees red whenever he hears disco. That's funny, I get it, it's the reason I watched this in the first place. Of course, I expected an over-the-top horror comedy with copious blood splatter all over the dance floor. What I got was a genuinely great horror movie with character depth, a full and multinational story line, some very creative kills and a ton of personality. He doesn't kill because he hates disco. Things actually get way darker than you'd expect from a film with such a fun title.

So this guy, Duane, hates funky funky basslines. He hates beats more than Joe hates grapes. One day he's at work frying up some greasy burgers when some guys walk in blasting some disco on a boom box. He gets super intense which gets him super fired. Later that day an old friend takes him to a disco club where the loud beats break him. He snaps and slashes his first victim, leaving her bleeding out under the glass dance floor. The next morning he catches the first flight out of the country and goes on the lam in Montreal. Of course, it's not long before disco makes it up to Canada which triggers his murderous rage once again.

Discopath is gory as hell. Not only does Duane kill but he dismembers, beheads, desecrates and runs around naked in the blood of the many people unfortunate enough to cross his path.

His first kill is super creative, if anything for the location. I hadn't seen anything like it before. His second and third kills are ultra violent, which turn out to be nothing compared to what he does at the funeral of one of his victims. There's this coffin scene that was beyond disturbing. This movie is no joke.

One quirky thing about this movie is that it goes full on French within the first 30 minutes. The guy fled New York to Montreal so it makes sense, just not used to a movie switching languages. Just know that you'll be reading subs for most of the movie if you decide to watch it.

Worth Watching?

I'd say yes if you like gore and 70's cop shows, because Discopath is basically a 70's cop show just with a shit ton of gore.

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