Demon Knight (1995) Review

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Demon Knight (1995) Review

Horrorific content by adrian on September 10th, 2018 | Movie Review, Worth Watching? | Comedy, Religion, Demon, Desolate, Gore

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It’s about a protector of a key to the gates of hell who holds up in an old church overnight as a demonic collector and his army of demons fight to claim the key.

Demon Knight was directed by Ernest Dickerson (who also directed the black horror movie Bones featuring Snoop Dogg) and stars  Billy Zane (from Critters, Surviving Evil and Zombie Killers),  William Sadler (from Silent But Deadly, The Mist and Disturbing Behavior), CCH Pounder (from Orphan, Psycho 4 and End of Days), Dick Miller (from A Bucket of Blood, Piranha and Burying the Ex),  Brenda Bakke (from Death Spa and Stephen King's TV Movie Trucks) and last but not least, Jada Pinkett (pre-Smith). Talk about a cast with some serious horror experience!

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Demon Knight Review

Demon Knight was one of five full-feature Tales from the Crypt movies. The others included the self-titled Tales from the Crypt, The Vault of Horror, Bordello of Blood and Ritual. Demon Knight starts in true Tales from the Crypt fashion with lots of nudity, gore, celeb cameos and way too many horror puns.

It's a classic battle between good and evil. Basically, there's seven keys that can be used to open the gates of hell. Way back when, a demon was fighting a guy for the final key when some blood from Jesus, crucified on the cross, drips into the key and subsequently defeats the demon. That guy later in life passes on the key to another guy, another protector, after refilling the key with some of his own blood as a way of keep Jesus' seed blood active. Fast-forward nearly 2,000 years and the newest protector is chased into a church-turned-hotel by the newest collector.

I had a lot of fun watching Demon Knight, which only got on my radar after watching The Nun and hearing that it ripped it off. James Wan's 2018 Conjuring spin-off ripped off a Tales from the Crypt movie from '95? Turns out that yes, yes it did. The mortal protectors, the demonic collectors, the key, the Jesus blood, the demon teeth, even the big ending scene are the same. The only key differentiators (pun intended) were the location and the genre. The Nun was a horror from start to finish while Demon Knight is a blend of comedy, action and gore. Lots of gore.

Speaking of gore, lots of gore, the practical effects in this movie are out of this world amazing. They're so creative, in your face and are a big reason why this movie kicks so much ass. And the epic practical effects are balanced by the colorful cast of characters this movie revolves around. Demon Knight is dripping with both personality and slime (from exploded demon heads of course).

Sure there's a few holes in the story and some unusually poor decision making, but overall Demon Knight is a blast and after only a single viewing made it into my top horrors of all time list.

Worth Watching?

Hell yes. I can't think of one reason why a horror fan wouldn't have this movie sitting on their shelf

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