DeadGirl (2008) Review

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DeadGirl (2008) Review

Horrorific content by adrian on March 08th, 2019 | Movie Review | Indie Horror, Supernatural, Love Sick, Teen, Zombie, Asylum

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It's about a couple of guys who find a dead girl who can't be killed.

DeadGirl was directed by Marcel Sarmiento (who also directed Totem) and Gadi Harel; stars Shiloh Fernandez (from Evil Dead), Noah Segan (from Mohawk, Follow, The Mind's Eye, Starry Eyes) and Michael Bowen (from House by the Lake, Autopsy, The Lost).

You'll never have anything better.

Deadgirl Review

Deadgirl is part zombie movie, part necrophilia movie and part demented love story. It follows two troubled high school guys who stumble on an undead chick chained up in an abandoned mental hospital and within 10 minutes are thinking of humping an undead chick. Most guys would run and call the cops. Not these guys.

Deadgirl follows the typical psychopath movie trope where the main psychopath is the alpha in a group of betas (who are also psychopaths, just not quite as depraved. But they never call the cops, so, yeah, they're not NOT psychopaths).

This movie tries to raise the question: if you could do whatever wanted to another person, with no risk of getting caught, would you do it? And, would you do it in front of all of your friends? Yes. Yes they do. The director even went out of his way to make this woman as non-human as possible. She is not only viewed as an object by these delinquents, but she acts like an object herself. In every other movie involving rape the woman is in distress. Deadgirl seems pretty fine with everything, she even protects one of her attackers at one point. So, if you see a person as an object and if she sees herself as an object AND there's no way of getting caught... would ya do it?

Cool concept I suppose.

It was original and it was disturbing. But, and there's always a but, it was a little too unbelievable for the disturbing feeling to last. It reminded me of another movie called The Corpse of Anna Fritz, where another group of guys find an opportunity to bang a corpse and within 10 minutes are totally on board. What are the chances of people capable of this level of depravity meeting each other at such a young age and without any inhibitions to act on their impulses?

Deadgirl is also somewhat reminiscent of another movie called The Woman, where a feral woman is exploited by a super religious guy and his son.

Deadgirl is also loosely similar to another movie called Decay, where a dead chick becomes the object of affection for a very lonely, very twisted, guy.

So, yeah. I think maybe this didn't come across as disturbing as it was intended only because I've seen way too many necro-romances. Necromances?

Let's just say Deadgirl was a disturbing movie that has a lot going for it, but mostly in concept.

Worth Watching?

Meh, Deadgirl has a few things going for it but is ultimately skippable. Now, if you want to see a really good movie about corpse humping... actually, I think we should just wrap this up here ;)

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