Day Shift (2022) Review

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Day Shift (2022) Review

Horrorific content by adrian on August 22nd, 2022 | Movie Review | Vampire, Supernatural, Thriller, Urban Decay, Splatter, Hollywood

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It's about a man who becomes a freelance vampire slayer to make enough money to keep his family together in Los Angeles.

Day Shift was directed by J. J. Perry and stars Jamie FoxxDave Franco (Warm Bodies, Bad Meat, and The Shortcut), Natasha Liu BordizzoMeagan Good (The Unborn, Venom), Karla Souza (Jacob's Ladder), Steve Howey (Stan Helsing), Scott AdkinsSnoop Dogg (Blood Pageant, Hood of Horror, and Bones), Eric Lange (AM1200. Brutal), and Zion Broadnax.

Day Shift (2022) Review

Netflix's latest movie, Day Shift, is the feature directorial debut of longtime stunt coordinator J.J. Perry and is produced by John Wick franchise director Chad Stahelski. The movie employs contortionists and performers from Cirque du Soleil to portray its bendy, acrobatic vampires. It's a horror comedy mostly about style and big action scenes, but it's not very deep or funny.

Losing a family member is one of the hardest things anyone can go through. The fear of having your family broken apart is daunting, but the will to do anything to keep it together is even more vital. Families are the foundations of our lives, and we will do whatever it takes to protect them, which is what Jamie Foxx's character in "Day Shift" must do, albeit not in the usual way.

Jamie Foxx stars as a pool cleaner named Bud Jablonski in the San Fernando Valley, a freelance vampire slayer. He sells vampire fangs for profit. So when his estranged wife Jocelyn announces plans to move their daughter Paige to Florida, Bud turns to close friend Big John Elliott to get him back in the Union's good standing to earn enough money rapidly to keep his family close. But, accompanied by Union rep Seth, who is stuffy, Bud soon finds himself the victim of ancient super-vampire Audrey, putting all their lives in danger.

Shay Hatten and Tyler Tice's script follows Bud as he frantically tries to maintain his family's California lifestyle while concealing his job of vampire hunting. The story progresses rapidly from one action sequence to the next, leaving no room for character or plot development. After a fierce battle, Seth pauses to think about the strange situation of different types of vampires living together. Bud agrees it's weird, but they quickly move on to the next exciting scene.

The dialogue exchange suggests more extensive mythology that is never fully explained. A set piece in the third act also hints at a history never explored.

The flimsy story is only a means to get Bud and his friends through various vampire battles. Attempts at humor in the movie mostly fall flat; an ongoing joke about pants-wetting gets old quickly, and Franco's not entirely believable as the bumbling sidekick. This makes Snoop Dogg's more minor role stand out more since he at least is effective in his scenes. When it comes to funny and cool, Big John has the edge over Snoop Dogg; their different attitudes make for an exciting buddy comedy duo.

Worth Watching? 

Although it may not be the most original film, Day Shift still provides some good laughs and pays homage to The Lost Boys. The action sequences are well executed, and the vampires are creative and physically impressive. The movie's plot is simple, with good winning against evil. However, the antagonist never feels particularly fearsome, so there is no suspense about whether the protagonist will be victorious. The world-building is underdeveloped, and mythology is not well fleshed out, keeping everything at a distance. The thrills are fun at the moment, but any characters or plot details introduced are simply a means to an end, propelling the protagonist forward in his quest. This makes for a decent but forgettable experience.

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