Dark Floors (2008) Review

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Dark Floors (2008) Review

Horrorific content by adrian on January 25th, 2019 | Movie Review | Supernatural, Demon, Elevator, Back from the Dead, Phobia

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It's about a group of people stuck in a deserted hospital, trying to escape while fighting off ghosts, monsters and demons.

Dark Floors was directed by Pete Riski and stars Skye Bennett, Noah Huntley  (from 28 Days Later) and Dominique Mcelligott

The Fear Is Here.

Dark Floors Review

I love the horror genre. Only in horror can you watch the same exact movie told, re-told and told again with only a slight change in setting and circumstance. Rom-Com's come close, but they generally put more effort toward at least pretending they're unique movies. Horror producers can be shameless. Just look at the countless Saw and Exorcist knock-offs floating around. This might sound like a bad thing, and for a lot of people it is, but I sometimes feel a comforting sense of familiarity watching a re-re-recycled plot, if only to feel good about myself as I guess the inevitable outcomes of every single scene.

In the case of Dark Floors, it's that same movie about a group of people who happen to find themselves fighting together against a common threat. You know the one. Sometimes the group of people wake up in the same room, disoriented and confused as to why they're there. Sometimes the group of people all find themselves in the same convenience store (or gas station, or mall, or hotel) together, forced to work with each other to survive. In Dark Floors, those same people find themselves stuck in an elevator together, jumping from floor to floor trying to find a way out of the building.

The characters in these movies are all the same. You have the beautiful single woman, the obnoxious tough guy, the single parent with his/her empathetic kid, the leader/hero and the wildcard. The wildcard in Dark Floors is a crazy old man who somehow knows all the answers. The single parent is a loving dad of an empathetic girl with autism. The beautiful single woman is a young nurse, the jerk is some businessman and the tough guy/hero is a brave security guard.

Our templated group of protagonists race from floor to floor trying to outrun a group of CGI ghosts, some monsters (weird creatures with leather jackets, bull nose rings and gold chains) as well as some kind of a fallen angel demon. The plot is super basic and there's a lot of manufactured suspense created by frustrating inaction by the characters.

But it was fun playing the prediction game. I actually predicted everything but the ending. That's normally a good thing, but in this case the ending just kinda happened and then the typical generic heavy metal music started playing as the credits rolled.

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