Damon's Revenge (2022) Review

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Damon's Revenge (2022) Review

Horrorific content by adrian on January 10th, 2023 | Movie Review | Slasher, Home Invasion, Survival, Cabin in the Woods, Killer, Serial Killer, Revenge, Maniac, Folk Horror

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It's about cursed relics, police brutality, a jailbreak, and multiple competing killers. And nudity.

Damon's Revenge was directed by David Gere (Burial Ground Massacre) and stars Michael Madsen (Megalodon, Incarnation, and Rock Paper Dead), Chelsea Vale (Burial Ground Massacre), Tom Sizemore (Night of the Tommyknockers, The Legend of Johnny Jones, and VampFather), Sully Erna (The Manor), Robert LaSardo (Night of the Tommyknockers, Sky Sharks, and Cynthia), Tom DeNucci (Self Storage), Christopher C. Romero (Burial Ground Massacre), Hannah DannellyForest Quaglia, and Chris Whitcomb (Burial Ground Massacre).

Damon's Revenge (2022) Review

Burial Ground Massacre: Damon's Revenge was filmed initially as Burial Ground Massacre: Reborn and retitled before its release. The movie is a sequel to last year's Burial Ground Massacre and continues the story of Damon, a terrifying masked stalker who returns to terrorize a group of people. The original film was enjoyable until its final act, which went off the rails. So can the sequel avoid the same mistakes as the original, or is it just more of the same?

It sure feels like we've been here before, as Damon's Revenge opens with a new couple making out in the same car where two people died in the first film. And, of course, the masked figure of Damon appears once again. Adrianna is seen talking to an unmasked Damon, telling him that she buried the mask at the end of Burial Ground Massacre.

In the new story, Adrianna plays a message from Chief Tocho for Sheriff Walsh and Deputy Price. Tocho threatens to kill her if she doesn't bring him the mask.

Director David Gere and co-writer Eric Weinstock jump the plot of Damon's Revenge forward three months. Adrianna, who is still not entirely over the events of the first film, joins Tina for a girl's weekend. But, of course, nearly everyone knows that slasher films typically don't end well for the characters involved.

The sequel to the film Burial Ground Massacre, Damon's Revenge, takes too long to get started and introduces too many complicated plot elements. The film's plot revolves around cursed relics from the first film, police brutality, a jailbreak, and multiple competing killers. Unfortunately, the result is something of a disaster.

The murders committed in the film are varied, ranging from a throat-cutting to a drowning and an off-screen beating. However, for a slasher film, there are not nearly enough of them, especially after so much time spent waiting. The film Damon's Revenge features some nudity, matching the original movie in this respect. In the last half hour of the film, all of the female and a few male characters are shown naked.

Tom Sizemore has the most screen time, while Michael Madsen only appears in the footage from the first film, although he does have some new dialogue dubbed in over the masked version of Damon. Robert LaSardo has a couple of scenes as a liquor store owner, and Erna's deputy pops up a couple of times before leaving the film.

Worth Watching? 

The Burial Ground Massacre was a well-done slasher film for its first hour; however, it deteriorated in the last act and became more of a crime film. Damon's Revenge is the opposite of that. Most of the film consists of the police investigating a crime, with the last half hour devoted to nudity and death. It was pretty dull overall and not worth watching. It is hinted that there might be a third film in the series. If so, it is hoped that the production team will take the best parts of the first two films to create a great slasher movie.

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