Creep (2014) Review

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Creep (2014) Review

Horrorific content by Ciarán Coleman on July 26th, 2021 | Movie Review | Serial Killer, Desolate, Maniac, Found Footage

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It’s about a young freelance videographer called Aaron who takes a one day job to film the last messages of a dying man for his unborn son. As the day goes on Aaron notices the man’s increasingly weird and disturbing behaviour and begins to question his safety.

Directed by Patrick Brice and released in 2014, ‘Creep’ is a clever and refreshing take on the found-footage genre, featuring several brilliant scares and an outstanding performance by Mark Duplass. Right from the start, the film feels off (in a good way), with Josef, played by Mark Duplass, being overly friendly and downright unsettling.

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Creep Review

The genius of ‘Creep’ lies in how it approaches fear. Instead of Josef meeting Aaron, played by Patrick Brice, with a machete or knife right off the bat, we’re introduced to a friendly, albeit very odd, man who seems to be struggling with his oncoming death. On top of this, the found footage style allows us to see Josef through Aarons eyes as they spend the day together shooting their video. For all the numerous times Josef is unnaturally weird he’s also simultaneously friendly and kind, making Aaron’s decision to stick around when many of us would leave, far more understandable.

Mark Duplass, (who also co-wrote this film) provides a terrifying portrayal of a mentally deranged man, sometimes charming and pleasant and other times aggressively creepy. He’s a unique horror villain as he isn’t devoid of empathy, but views murder as a natural stage in his relationship with another human.

There’s a primal sort of fear encapsulating ‘Creep’, that of which is hard to find elsewhere. Like the wolf Josef likes dressing up as, he often comes across feral in his mannerisms and almost omnipresent as he stalks Aaron. It does a great job of making the viewer feel uneasy as it always feels like Josef is lurking a few metres away.

Like ‘Paranormal Activity’, ‘Creep’ was produced by Blumhouse and houses a similar low-budget feel as many of its found footage predecessors. However, the main reason it works so well in ‘Creep’ compared to several other found-footage films is the simplicity of the movie. Free of any dodgy effects or cheap CGI jumpscares, ‘Creep’s slow-burning terror is perfect for its low-budget vibe.

A major plus to this film is also the runtime. It’s pretty short at just over 1 hour and 15 minutes, but the relentless pacing would only be brought down by an extended runtime. It also makes the film a lot more fun to watch with others, as the consistent scares and tension are never weighted down,

Overall,’Creep’ is a great film that achieves all it set out to do. Great length, brilliant scares and tension and a tremendous performance by Mark Duplass makes this a horror worthy of all the praise it’s amassed.

Worth Watching?

Absolutely. There’s something here even for people not overly gone on the found-footage genre and its intriguing premise and short runtime will definitely keep you entertained till the credits roll.

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