Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954) Review

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Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954) Review

Horrorific content by adrian on April 17th, 2019 | Movie Review | Classic Horror, Creature

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It's about a mutant man fish who attacks a team of scientists, and kidnaps a babe, who venture into its hidden lagoon.

Creature from the Black Lagoon was directed by Jack Arnold (who also directed Monster on the Campus, Tarantula and Revenge of the Creature) and stars Richard Carlson (from Tormented, The Maze, It Came from the Outer Space), Julie Adams (from The Fifth Floor, Psychic Killer) and Richard Denning (from Twice-Told Tales, The Black Scorpion, Day the World Ended).

From the Amazon's forbidden depths came the Creature from the Black Lagoon

Creature from the Black Lagoon Review

Creature from the Black Lagoon is one of the best, and turned out to be the last, of the Universal monsters from the 1950's. This monster, called The Gillman, was brought to the big screen by Jack Arnold, who directed many other monster movies of the time. Gillman is similar to other monsters (think King Kong) in that he has the hots for the heroine. And in true 50's Hollywood fashion, the heroine had little ability to defend herself and had to rely on all the strapping sharp-jawed men to protect her from the dangers of the world.

This classic features a team of scientists, and a financier (who is villainized for prioritizing finances), who venture into previously unexplored territory in search of a monstrous creature. Sound familiar? It's because this original plot has since been recycled by countless movies since. The most recent example was The Meg which had a team of scientists, led by the strapping and sharp-jawed Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, as well as a financier (who was villainized for prioritizing finances), who venture into unexplored territory in search of a monstrous shark.

Creature from the Black Lagoon is a quality classic horror. And it gives you everything fans of classics love including dramatic horns blasting, extreme closeups of everything we're supposed to be afraid of (even if we've already seen it a few times), lots of suspense, mounting dread and even a touch of romance. This movie also features a lot of swimming, like a LOT of swimming. It makes sense of course, but an unexpected amount of run time was used watching people swimming. There's also a lot of jump scares which surprised me, one particular scene actually made me jump. It was fun and kind of embarrassing at the same time.

Worth Watching?

If you're a fan of classic horror movies than Creature from the Black Lagoon should be required viewing. It's a classic for a reason, quality classic creature feature from start to finish.


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