Carnage Park Review (2016)

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Carnage Park Review (2016)

Horrorific content by adrian on June 03rd, 2018 | Movie Review | Survival, Killer, Gore, Maniac, Isolation

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Carnage Park was directed by Mickey Keating (who also directed Darling and Ritual) and stars Ashley Bell (from The Last Exorcism), Pat Healy (from The Innkeepers) and Alan Ruck .

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Carnage Park Review

Carnage Park is a fun watch. It’s kind of like what you’d get if Quentin Tarantino made The Texas Chainsaw Massacre .

There’s the great 70’s soundtrack, the non-linear storytelling, there’s color filters less common in horror, quirky characters and a ton of gore.

The cinematography is on the higher end of indie horror, as is the acting. The score fits the setting perfectly, the visual effects are realistic and the story is plausible enough to keep you invested.

Yet, if you spend any time clicking around the net reading and watching reviews you'll find there's a lot of negativity surrounding Carnage Park. Much of this negativity surrounds the Tarantino style of editing and the lack of plot originality. These complaints are somewhat warranted considering the director made these aspects of the movie so in-your-face. There's no subtlety about it whatsoever.

But horror fans are a finicky bunch. It's common for them to compare every horror they've seen with the BEST horrors they've ever seen. If a story is familiar or if they know what the director is trying to do, it's an immediate thumbs down.

But if you take your movies a bit less seriously, or if you're a new/casual fan of the genre, then Carnage Park is a horror worth sitting down for. It's great to look at, has a distinct style that keeps you interested, and despite the familiar plot it's an entertaining ride.


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