Candyman: Day of the Dead (1999) Review

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Candyman: Day of the Dead (1999) Review

Horrorific content by adrian on November 15th, 2020 | Movie Review | Slasher, Supernatural, Urban Legend, Candyman Series

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It's about Candyman's attempt to pull his great granddaughter into his miserable supernatural existence.

Candyman: Day of the Dead was directed by Turi Meyer (who also directed Sleepstalker) and stars Tony Todd (from Candyman and Candy Corn), Jsu Garcia (from A Nightmare On Elm Street) and Wade Williams (from Celebrity Crush).

Blood is sharper than the blade

Candyman: Day of the Dead Review

Damnit Candyman 3, you took a perfectly good horror franchise and threw it all away.

It's basically a lazy reboot of the original Candyman. This one gives you the same recycled story, stock actors, no atmosphere whatsoever and countless cheap jumpscares. It's unfortunately boring and forgettable. It doesn't feel like a Candyman movie at all, it's more like a low budget attempt to ride the then modern slasher wave. This sucks because part of what made Candyman so great was how unique it was compared to all the other tired slashers of the time.

And then there's the creepy incest thing. In the original Candyman the object of Candyman's affection was Helen. In the sequel, Farewell to the Flesh, he had already dropped Helen (even though she devoted her entire life and afterlife to him) to chase after Annie. In this one he gets bit by the incest bug and courts his great grandaughter Caroline (a Baywatch model who is sexualized from the very first scene). Now, both Helen and Annie were happily married women. But hey, married women can be as hot as any, I get it. But trying to seduce a relative? C'mon Candyman, that's just fucked up.

The story itself surrounds Caroline, an artist who paints Candyman pictures for a local gallery. The gallery owner pressures her into saying Candyman's name 5 times during an art show and all hell breaks loose. Basically Candyman kills everyone Caroline knows in an attempt to motivate her to give up her life to him. Will it work? You'll never know because you shouldn't watch this movie because it sucks.

Worth Watching?

Gawd no, this movie SUCKS.

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