Candyman (1992) Review

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Candyman (1992) Review

Horrorific content by adrian on November 13th, 2020 | Movie Review | Supernatural, Cult Classic, Killer, Urban Decay, Urban Legend, Candyman Series

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It's about an urban legend named Candyman who enters our realm to kill if his name is called five times.

Candyman was directed by Bernard Rose (who also directed Frankenstein and Snuff Movie) and stars Virginia Madsen (from Better Watch Out and Dead Rising: Watchtower), Tony Todd (from Candy Corn and Sky Sharks) and Xander Berkeley (from The Dark And The Wicked and Within The Rock).

Be My Victim.

Candyman Review

Candyman was just what horror needed back in the early 90's. The concept and hypnotic style were both unique and in stark contrast with the literally countless slashers that were growing tired after two decades in the spotlight. Just look at a few movies that were released around it: Child's Play 3, Freddy's Dead, Popcorn, Prom Night 4, Dr. Giggles, Happy Hell Night and Maniac Cop 3. All tired slashers. Instead of more kill counts and crazy killers, Candyman gave us a stylish and cool villain in a pimp fur coat.

"They will say that I have shed innocent blood. What's blood for, if not for shedding?"

Candyman is a symphony of mysterious folklore and hypnotic terror, entrenched in a setting of desperate urban decay that plays over a beautiful score by composer Phillip Glass. 

The story surrounds a woman named Helen who is working on a research project about Candyman, the urban legend of a guy with a hook for a hand, who when summoned, appears suddenly to cut you "from groin to gullet". Helen's husband is a university professor who teaches urban legends and his friend is a renowned author who is the authority on the legend of Candyman. This is a bittersweet situation for Helen. On one hand she's surrounded by experts on the subject who can help her along. On the other hand she's surrounded by experts on the subject who believe Candyman to be just a fun story and dismiss her concerns when she learns Candyman is the real deal.

Candyman pulls you in from the opening credits and holds onto you until the very end. It's a unique standout among other horror movies, both of its time and even now. It has a cool story, some super cool kills and has aged surprisingly well. The Blu-ray is almost like watching a modern movie set in the 90's.

Worth Watching?

Definitely. I watch Candyman and Candyman 2 as a double feature at least once a year. Never gets old.

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