Camp Blood 666 Part 2: Exorcism of the Clown (2023) Review

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Camp Blood 666 Part 2: Exorcism of the Clown (2023) Review

Horrorific content by angie on September 05th, 2023 | Movie Review | Slasher, Killer, Campy, Mystery, Gore, Clown, Splatter, B-Horror

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It's about a pastor who makes contact with the wrathful spirits of Camp Blackwood, who are enraged and manifest as the killer clown to once again terrorize what was once known as Camp Blood.

Camp Blood 666 Part 2: Exorcism of the Clown is directed by Will Collazo Jr. (Amityville Thanksgiving, Bloody Nun 2: The Curse) and stars Natalie Peri (Amityville Thanksgiving, Bloody Nun 2: The Curse), Julie Anne Prescott (Dr. Gift, Apex Predators, The Amityville Harvest), Niko El Santo Zavero (The Haddonfield Nightmare), Will Collazo Jr. (Amityville Thanksgiving, Bloody Nun 2: The Curse), Heather HarlowMelissa Heflin (Bride of the Werewolf, Mrs. Claus, and It Kills: Camp Blood 7), Erica DyerTina Krause (Camp Blood 666, Heaven and Hell, and Bad Biology), Clint Beaver (Ebola Rex), and Kyle Rappaport (Bloody Nun 2: The Curse, Ghost of Camp Blood, and It Kills: Camp Blood 7 (2017)).

Camp Blood 666 Part 2: Exorcism of the Clown Review

The newest installment in the Camp Blood series is a testament to low-budget filmmaking, shot in just four days with a meager budget of $10,000. As with many entries in the franchise, it doesn't strive for cinematic greatness but aims to deliver a dose of bloody, campy horror to its dedicated audience. While it may not be a masterpiece, some aspects of this film make it worth exploring.

Camp Blood 666 Part 2: Exorcism of the Clown starts with Tony and Sarah's visit to a local bar, where they inquire about the notorious Camp Blood. This initial setup provides the perfect excuse for the film to revisit scenes from its predecessors. It offers viewers a taste of gore and nudity, courtesy of actors Jennie Russo and Tina Krause. These moments nod to the franchise's roots and cater to its fanbase. Including cultists discussing a witch's presence in their territory adds an extra layer of intrigue to the storyline.

Director Will Collazo Jr. and screenwriter Julie Anne Prescott initially raised expectations by shooting in an actual bar, deviating from the franchise's tendency to rely on makeshift settings. Unfortunately, the film's later scenes, particularly those involving the cultists and the post-credits montage of clips from crowdfunding contributors, revert to the lower production values expected from this series.

After several random killings, we meet the central characters: Pastor Lincoln and his parishioners Lisa, Bridgette, Will, and Jeff. They embark on a mission to put restless souls to rest but soon face an unexpected demise within the haunted Camp Blackwoods.

Despite the film's reliance on dialogue-heavy scenes and characters wandering through the woods before meeting their gruesome fates, Camp Blood 666 Part 2: Exorcism of the Clown introduces some intriguing concepts that distinguish it from previous entries in the franchise.

One notable addition is the presence of two clowns and a witch, which adds variety to the typical slasher formula. The film even includes a memorable scene where the clowns collaborate to rip someone's arms off gruesomely before turning on each other. Mel Heflin takes on dual roles, portraying both the benevolent and evil spirits of her character from a previous installment. Genre veteran George Stover also reprises his character from the preceding film.

Despite its limited budget, the film secures more convincing locations than many microbudget horror productions. Including an actual bar and the rare appearance of a summer camp setting contribute to a more authentic viewing experience. Camp Blood 666 Part 2: Exorcism of the Clown offers a slew of on-screen kills, ranging from typical microbudget practical effects to cringe-worthy CGI. However, the most satisfying kills are found in the film's flashbacks.

While it may not reach the heights of cinematic excellence, Camp Blood 666 Part 2: Exorcism of the Clown caters to a specific audience. Fans of the Camp Blood series will appreciate its adherence to the franchise's signature style. Likewise, fans of low-budget horror, particularly slasher enthusiasts, may find it surprisingly entertaining, especially considering its current availability as a free-to-watch film.

Worth Watching?

In microbudget filmmaking, where creativity often takes precedence over financial resources, Camp Blood 666 Part 2: Exorcism of the Clown is an enjoyable addition to the campy horror genre. While it doesn't reinvent the wheel, it knows its audience and delivers on the promise of blood, guts, and a few scares, all within the confines of a limited budget and a four-day shooting schedule. For those who relish the charm of low-budget slashers, this film may offer an evening of gruesome entertainment.

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