Cabin Girl (2023) Review

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Cabin Girl (2023) Review

Horrorific content by christina on August 28th, 2023 | Movie Review | Supernatural, Haunted House, Meta, Found Footage, Dangerous Exploration, B-Horror

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It's about a van-life influencer who moves into an isolated cabin, and discovers that the home has a dark history and becomes haunted by a troubled spirit.

Cabin Girl was directed by Jon D. Wagner and stars Rose Lane SanfilippoAustin Scott (They Found Hell), Jess Weixler (Teeth), Lee Tergesen (No One Lives, The Collection, and We All Scream for Ice Cream), and Michael Rispoli.

Cabin Girl Review

"Cabin Girl," directed by Jon D. Wagner, takes us on a journey into the realm of horror through a narrative that revolves around the life of an influencer named Ava. The story unfolds as Ava, an enthusiastic van-life influencer, decides to leave behind her mobile lifestyle and embark on a new adventure by moving into an isolated cabin. However, her excitement soon transforms into terror as she unravels the dark and sinister history of her newfound dwelling, only to find herself haunted by a troubled spirit. While the film certainly has its moments, it ultimately fails to deliver a genuinely satisfying and original cinematic experience.

Rose Lane Sanfilippo delivers a commendable performance as the film's lead character, Ava. She aptly embodies the essence of a young influencer, capturing the vivacity and energy commonly associated with that lifestyle. However, the unfortunate downfall of her character lies in her portrayal as a stereotypical, exaggeratedly exuberant vlogger. While initially engaging, this portrayal eventually becomes grating and repetitive, failing to provide any depth or meaningful character development. It's a missed opportunity to explore a more nuanced and compelling protagonist.

One of the significant weaknesses of "Cabin Girl" is its lack of originality and innovation. The film adheres to a predictable formula, heavily relying on established horror tropes without injecting fresh elements into the genre. While some instances generate genuine suspense and thrills, they are overshadowed by the overall predictability of the plot. The filmmakers have shied away from taking significant creative risks, resulting in a narrative that feels formulaic and devoid of surprises.

However, it is worth noting that "Cabin Girl" does succeed in offering moments of entertainment, particularly when it fully embraces its horror elements. The film shines most brightly during its intense and chilling sequences. The eerie atmosphere and well-executed jump scares deliver a few gratifying moments of terror. Regrettably, these instances cannot rescue the film from its mediocrity.

A major disappointment in "Cabin Girl" is its relatively short runtime, which inadvertently leads to a rushed and underdeveloped narrative. The potential for a deeper exploration of the haunted cabin and the troubled spirit haunting Ava is largely squandered. The film could have significantly benefited from building tension and suspense, fully immersing the audience in the characters and their predicament. Instead, crucial plot points are brushed over, leaving a palpable sense of missed opportunities.

Despite its narrative shortcomings, "Cabin Girl" boasts awe-inspiring cinematography. The visuals are skillfully composed, effectively capturing the eerie ambiance of the cabin and its surrounding environment. The interplay of light and shadows contributes to the overall sense of unease, enhancing the film's horror aspects. This aspect of the movie elevates it beyond its narrative limitations, providing a visually engaging experience even when the story falters.

Worth Watching?

In the grand scheme, "Cabin Girl" can be categorized as an average horror film. While Rose Lane Sanfilippo's performance as Ava stands out, her character's lack of depth keeps her from becoming genuinely engaging. The film's shortage of originality and rushed narrative are significant drawbacks that prevent it from standing out in a crowded genre. Nevertheless, the movie does offer pockets of entertainment, particularly when it fully embraces the horror genre's conventions. The impressive cinematography adds a layer of visual appeal to an otherwise forgettable cinematic experience. In conclusion, "Cabin Girl" falls short of making a lasting impact in the horror landscape, settling for an average outcome at best.

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