Bliss (2019) Review

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Bliss (2019) Review

Horrorific content by adrian on November 21st, 2019 | Movie Review | Indie Horror, Vampire, Psychological, Madness, Gore, Party

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It's about a young artist who uses a new hardcore drug (and a lot of it) to break out of her creative funk.

Bliss was directed by Joe Begos (who also directed The Mind's Eye and Almost Human) and stars Dora Madison (from Exists), Rhys Wakefield (from +1, Purge) and Jeremy Gardner (from Spring, The Battery).

Bliss is an interesting, unique indie horror movie. It starts off somewhat slow and tedious, takes a turn and starts to show glimpses of horror and then erupts into a psychedelic blood-soaked ending that kinda leaves you stunned, wondering WTF you just witnessed.

The majority of Bliss' short runtime of an hour fifteen is pretty much just non-stop drugs, partying, sex and F-bomb's being dropped every third word. It's a lot like The Wolf of Wall Street but with vampires instead of stock brokers. I know, I know, stockbrokers are blood suckers too, but you know what I mean.

It's also somewhat similar to The Devil's Candy in that a struggling artist gets some supernatural help to finish an overdue commissioned painting, while heavy metal blasts in the background. The overall drug induced color saturated fever dream style is similar to Mandy, only with a bat shit crazy drug addict instead of a bat shit crazy Nick Cage.

Of course, referencing similarities to other movies isn't really fair since Bliss is more of an experience than anything else. The Devil's Candy was more about family than possession and Mandy was more about vengeance than fever dreams. Bliss is more about the wild ride into madness and bloodlust than art or meeting commission deadlines.

The cinematography and editing in this movie are both insane. They're so good that you genuinely feel like you're experiencing this nightmare with Dezzy, our resident raging artist. Missing time is conveyed especially well. Half of the movie leaves you feeling as disoriented as Dezzy herself.

And the gore! Once this movie gets going the gore goes level ten without warning. There's so much blood splashing around it's crazy. There's this one scene in particular where Dezzy starts drinking blood out of some dudes eye socket, it's mind bending gross and a serious cherry on top for gorehounds .

Worth Watching?

I think so, especially if you're into mind benders and gore . The production value of Bliss is high which easily makes up for any shortcomings this indie horror may have.

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