Black Christmas (2019) Review

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Black Christmas (2019) Review

Horrorific content by adrian on December 21st, 2019 | Movie Review | Christmas, Holiday, Black Christmas Series

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It's a #MeToo message masquerading as a horror movie.

Black Christmas was directed by Sophia Takal (who also directed Always Shine) and stars Imogen Poots (from I Kill Giants, Green Room), Aleyse Shannon and Brittany O'grady .

Black Christmas Review

This re-remake of Black Christmas isn't really a remake at all. It's a completely different standalone movie that happens to piggyback on the Black Christmas franchise name. Same thing as the Child's Play remake, totally different movie that just happened to use the name to sell tickets. But unlike Child's Play, this franchise only has one good installment, the original . I know this probably makes me sound old, but seriously, the first remake was a total flop and this second remake wasn't much better.

Full disclosure: I'm not a teenage girl which means I'm not this movie's intended audience. This movie is all about girl power and was obviously made to send empowering messages to young women. And that's great, I have no problem with that. But what I do have a problem with is shitty horror movies and this one is a big stinkin' pile of it with a pink bow on top.

The story is thin, most characters are empty, the off-screen kills are weak and for the most part this didn't even feel like a horror movie.

Worth Watching?

If you're a young woman living in 1953 and don't yet realize that you have full control over your life and body than sure, this movie will probably be eye-opening for you. If you're just someone who likes to support the recent trend of remakes featuring all female casts, you probably won't like Black Christmas because it's really, really bad. The all female 2016 remake of Ghostbusters was great, this Black Christmas remake is not. And if you're just someone looking for a good Christmas horror movie to check out, just walk away, there's so many better options floating around out there. The all female Slay Belles comes to mind.

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