Belzebuth (2019) Review

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Belzebuth (2019) Review

Horrorific content by adrian on September 08th, 2019 | Movie Review | Possession, Supernatural, Demon, Satanic

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It's a brutal Mexican horror movie about a border town cop who has to go mano y mano with an ancient demon and an army of child killers out to kill the newly born second coming of the messiah.

Belzebuth was directed by Emilio Portes and stars Joaquín Cosio, Tobin Bell (from Jigsaw, The Sandman, Finders Keepers) and Tate Ellington (from The Endless, Sinister 2).

Don't stop praying

Belzebuth Review

Belzebuth is a Shudder original that plays out like the reverse Omen. In The Omen, evil sets out to protect the newly born antichrist. In Belzebuth, evil sets out to kill the newly born messiah. It's a classic showdown between heaven and hell. Actually, that's not entirely true. Heaven doesn't really help out this poor messiah kid at all. It's more like a showdown between regular people and hell.

But don't let the common storyline dissuade you, Belzebuth is anything but common. The crazy shocking opening 15 minutes crosses lines that most other horror movies don't dare (the only two that come to mind are The Witch and Carved: Slit Mouthed Woman), demanding your attention and acknowledgement that this is no ordinary good vs evil tale.

A word of warning for anyone thinking of sitting down for this one, it splashes up graphic scenes of terror-style mass killings. I was shocked at the potential insensitivity of the depictions, given how many of these happen nowadays in both Mexico and the States. They all play a role in the plot, but still, it's not pretty.

One aspect of demon movies that I've grown tired of is when too much of the demon is shown, often demons are portrayed as monsters of sorts, or they only show themselves through possessed people with creepy eyes. Belzebuth goes in an entirely different direction and shows the demon as being trapped within a giant statue of crucified Jesus, which let's just say creates some mind blowingly awesome visuals.

Worth Watching?

If you're up for one more demon / possession / good vs evil movie than definitely. The overall story may feel familiar, but all the details are approached from a unique angle that makes this one worth your time.

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