Basket Case 3 (1991) Review

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Basket Case 3 (1991) Review

Horrorific content by adrian on February 13th, 2020 | Movie Review | Comedy, Mutant, Campy, Madness, Dysfunctional Family, Basket Case Series

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It's about a small town sheriff who crosses paths with Duane, Belial and Granny Ruth's mob of misfit mutants.

Basket Case 3 was directed by Frank Henenlotter (who also directed Frankenhooker and Brain Damage) and stars Kevin Van Hentenryck (from Basket Case), Annie Ross (from Basket Case 2, Witchery) and Gil Roper.

He's back. He's bad. And he's a dad!

Basket Case 3 is a circus. There's really no better way to describe it. Director Frank Henenlotter definitely doubles down on the bizarre mutants and complete chaos of Basket Case 2.

Basically, Granny Ruth takes her misfit band (literally) of mutants on a road trip to see a family friend who can help Belial's girlfriend give birth. This friend is very mutant-friendly and even has a mutant of his own. All is well until a local cop catches wind that the Bradley twins are in town and goes after them to cash in on a fat cash reward. Problem is, he thinks Belial's girlfriend is Belial, blasts her with his shotgun and steals her dozen babies. Belial freaks because his girlfriend got blasted. Duane freaks because he thinks Belial got blasted. The cop freaks after Belial's friends freak and accidentally blasts the Sheriffs daughter (who herself is a freak, but in a brown chicken brown cow sorta way) which of course makes the Sheriff freak who then goes after Belial. Duane of course catches wind of this and goes after the Sheriff with the help of Granny Ruth's own mutant son.


We've come a long way since the original Basket Case when Duane was a seemingly normal guy, Belial was stashed away safely in his basket and there weren't weird Mouse Men or Moon Heads running around in public. Basket Case was ultimately a story of brotherly love. Basket Case 3 was a direct-to-video circus.

So, this brings us to the end of the beloved B-movie Basket Case franchise. Kinda weird knowing I'll never get to see Duane, Belial or his wicker basket in another movie again. Gotta admit, I'm feeling about as emotional as the Man with 27 Noses at a funeral right now...

Worth Watching? 

If you're working your way through the Basket Case franchise than yes. How could you not watch it? If you're just looking for a good movie to put on tonight, you might want to skip this one. It's a doozy.

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