Baphomet (2021) Review

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Baphomet (2021) Review

Horrorific content by christina on July 18th, 2021 | Movie Review | Satanic Cults, Pregnancy, Dysfunctional Family, Satanic

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The Richardson family celebrates their 28-year-old daughter's pregnancy in Northern California. The celebration is interrupted when a Satanic cult member, Aksel Brandr, pays them an unexpected visit.

Baphomet is brought to you by writer-director Matthan Harris and promises to introduce horror fans everywhere to the ultimate terror. But does it deliver the goods, or are you better off skipping this one and hoping for better from the next indie feature on your watchlist? Harris also stars in Baphomet alongside Rebecca Weaver, Dani FilthGiovanni Lombardo Radice and others.

The ultimate terror has awakened

Baphomet Review

As any horror fan knows only too well, things can go either way when you sit down to check out a new indie horror film. You always hope you’re about to discover one of those hidden gems that makes you want to tell the world all about it once the credits roll. Sometimes you wind up wasting your time on an absolute dud that leaves you wondering how it even got made in the first place. But most of the time, the film simply rides the fence thanks to a combination of unrealized potential and random missteps.

The film’s opening scene features a Satanic ritual in progress led by Henrich Brandr (Giovanni Lombardo Radice), complete with a human sacrifice right at the altar. Brandr also delivers an ominous-sounding promise to his eager followers before the sequence ends – that soon they won’t have to hide in the shadows anymore.

From there, we’re quickly introduced to our protagonists – pregnant Rebecca (Weaver) and her parents – as they go about life in their lovely home in the country. Then one day, a man arrives on the family’s doorstep and offers Rebecca’s father (Colin Ward) a substantial amount of money in exchange for the property, an offer that’s promptly rejected.

The true nature of the offer quickly becomes apparent when Rebecca and her family immediately stumble into a run of horrible luck. Rebecca’s husband (Harris) is soon mauled to death in a freak shark attack, and her mother dies of a rattlesnake bite. Rebecca herself also miscarries, and it’s made painfully clear that all of this is due to the family’s decision not to sell the property to the mysterious visitor.

Sensing the true nature of the assault on her life, Rebecca approaches a white witch to request help for herself and her father. Meanwhile, Brandr’s cult – the people who, of course, wanted the property in the first place – continue to stalk the two, even making another sacrifice to help things along. Eventually, things escalate, culminating in a dramatic showdown and a bigger reveal as to the cult’s ultimate endgame – the summoning of the demon Baphomet himself.

The overall tone present in Baphomet is definitely of the cheesy B-movie variety, which is fine. Not every horror movie has to aspire to something elevated, artsy, and filled with meaningful dialogue. However, there’s a vast difference between a simple, straightforward horror movie with a bit of cheese going on and something that’s just plain loose.

Baphomet has an uncomfortable piecemeal feeling to it that doesn’t do it any favors. Some of the sequences feel strangely shot and almost like they don’t belong in the movie at all – like the scene where Rebecca’s husband meets his grisly end at the hands (or teeth) of a shark. There’s also little explanation given for why Baphomet’s cult is targeting Rebecca, in particular, as well as numerous other plot holes that are difficult to forgive. Even the special effects feel off thanks to an odd blend of practical approaches with lousy CGI.

Worth Watching?

All this isn’t to say Baphomet is entirely unwatchable, though. You may even enjoy it so long as you understand what you’re getting into and don’t expect too much from the experience. Many of the performances are quite good, and the plotline had potential for sure. It’s just too bad that potential never even came close to realization.

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