Apartment 212 (2017) Review

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Apartment 212 (2017) Review

Horrorific content by adrian on September 09th, 2019 | Movie Review | Cursed, Psychological, Madness, Creature

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It's about a woman who moves into a new apartment complex hoping to create a new life, only to find her life being slowly eaten to death, one bite at a time.

Apartment 212 was directed by Haylar Garcia (who also directed An American Terror) and stars Penelope Mitchell (from Hellboy, Look Away, Curve), Kyle Gass and Sally Kirkland (from Suburban Gothic, Fingerprints, The Haunted).

Eat... Prey... Love

Apartment 212 Review

Apartment 212 (not to be confused by Apartment 1303, Apartment Zero, Tales of Terror: Haunted Apartment, Room 33, Room 205, Room 6 or 1408) is a cool little creature feature about an evil little devil spawn who feeds off any unlucky host it happens to be living near. In this case, it sucked the life, or at least the will to live, out of a older woman before setting sights on our younger protagonist.

The first thing that really jumped out at me about Apartment 212 (aka Gnaw) is when you pop in the DVD, the song that plays over the title screen is this very upbeat teen pop song. Weird for a horror movie, usually you get some creepy Waterphone sounds or something, but whatever. But then the movie actually starts, and once again it's like a flippin' dance party! Again with the happy teen pop tunes. And the song plays ALL the way through, start to finish. It sounds like Taylor Swift karaoke night while we watch pre-credits featuring the name of every single person who chipped into this movie. And Kyle from Tenacious D stars in this movie, I doubt the Ariana Grande-esque soundtrack was his idea.

Anyway, moving on.

Overall it's a fun movie with a good story and strong characters. There's some cool misdirection and twists along the way. Takes place in Denver which is interesting, can't think of any other horrors based in Colorado. The movie starts off like a haunted house movie, there's a woman who is constantly crying at night, La Llorona style, who can be heard eerily through the vents in this apartment complex. The movie centers around an old antique box that's similar to the haunted box in The Possession . I won't get into spoilers, but it's pretty obvious that this box is the source of everyone's troubles.

Apartment 212 also has a psychological element to it, since the creature basically makes it impossible for people to sleep (hard to sleep when you're being gnawed on). So, sleep deprivation plays a big part, which is terrifying to me personally, being someone who struggles with sleep from time to time. Sleepless nights and home invasions really freak me out. A double feature with Apartment 212 and Funny Games would destroy me.

Worth Watching?

If you like creature features, than definitely. It's a quality indie horror movie that's part The Possession and part Gremlin's. Good stuff.


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