Among the Living (2022) Review

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Among the Living (2022) Review

Horrorific content by angie on January 13th, 2023 | Movie Review | Survival, Wilderness, Cannibalism, Thriller, Zombie, Body Horror, Virus, Apocalypse

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It's about a brother who fights to protect his sister while fleeing into the countryside in search of refuge after a zombie outbreak devastates the human population.

Among the Living was directed by Rob Worsey and stars Dean Michael GregoryGeorge NewtonMelissa WorseyLeon WorseyEmily Rose HoltAlexander KingEmma Wise, and Rob Humphries.

Among the Living (2022) Review

I'm always game for new zombie movies - even if they all start feeling a bit similar after a while. There's always something about them that keeps me coming back for more, whether it's the undead antagonists, the intense action sequences, or the themes of human perseverance and moral ambiguity. So I was intrigued to see how Dread's latest production, Among the Living, would tackle the well-trodden genre.

The result of the film is a mixture of good and bad aspects that manages to be more thought-provoking than you would expect from a zombie film. The story itself is relatively simple and will likely be immediately familiar to fans of zombie movies. After a deadly outbreak has killed off most of the population, leaving them as bloodthirsty monsters, a brother and sister set off into the countryside searching for refuge and their father. The survivors must travel through the wilderness, avoiding the infected and other survivors who may wish to harm them.

I enjoyed how Among the Living developed its world. This isn't set during the outbreak like many zombie films, which instead focus on the mayhem and panic of those first days. Instead, this film takes place after the outbreak, showing how people have adapted to living in a world with zombies. The world is not in a post-apocalyptic state, but it is not entirely back to normal either. The characters are still adjusting to the new reality and surviving.

I liked how the film set up its zombies and the parameters around how they operate. These aren't your typical zombies. These creatures are quick and seem to dislike bright light. They are also attracted to the scent of blood rather than just people.

What impressed me most about the film was how well it introduced the different elements of the story. There was no big exposition dump or even any voice-over narration that explained the world and its monsters to the audience. Instead, the film let the story unfold naturally, without any unnecessary exposition. Instead, you can put the story together based on the characters' reactions to certain things.

The main "plot" of the story seems to be about Harry learning to deal with the new world he's in. He faces some difficult moral choices and struggles to maintain his sense of decency while doing what's necessary to keep his sister alive. The film focuses more on drama than outright zombie mayhem, with relatively few action sequences and gore scenes.

This film is unique because it doesn't have a traditional plot or story arc. Instead, it focuses on slice-of-life scenes that are interesting and refreshing.

Worth Watching? 

I have never been a fan of slice-of-life stories and prefer stories that move toward a central plot. As such, I find Among the Living to be a mixed bag. I enjoyed the worldbuilding, characters, and how some parts made me think and evaluate things. However, the lack of a strong plot focus and major zombie action sequences could make it harder for some people to enjoy.

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