Altitude (2010) Review

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Altitude (2010) Review

Horrorific content by adrian on February 02nd, 2021 | Movie Review | Supernatural, Phobia, Creature, Alternate Timeline

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It's about a group of friends who take a road trip in the sky to get to a concert, which they never get to thanks to some mechanical problems and a supernatural creature.

Altitude was directed by Kaare Andrews (who also directed Cabin Fever: Patient Zero and The ABCs Of Death) and stars Jessica Lowndes (from Abattoir and Autopsy), Julianna Guill (from Into The Dark: Treehouse and Mine Games) and Ryan Donowho (from The Ganzfeld Haunting).

Don't Look Down.

Altitude Review

Altitude is basically a road trip horror movie but on a plane. It follows the exact same formula but with some weird shit added at the end. An amateur pilot who invites her friends to hop on her rented plane to fly to a concert. It's faster than driving and it's fun, right? But halfway there a bolt falls loose and immediately causes the plane to get stuck ascending to dangerous heights. In no time at all the oxygen gets thin and the cabin starts to freeze. Oh, and there's only one parachute on a plane with 7 seats, they get stuck in an endless mystery storm and there's some kind of supernatural force following them that they can't shake. So maybe it's not exactly a typical road trip movie, but it definitely feels like a typical teen horror movie.

Altitude kind of reminded me of Jeepers Creepers because it's also a movie that starts off with a nice fun road trip but turns into a supernatural monster movie. It could also be like Joy Ride, if trucker Rusty Nail was a flying octopus that chased them into The Twilight Zone

After sitting through 90 long minutes of Altitude I can tell you it's just your typical mid-2000's generic teen horror featuring a beautiful cast of wholly unlikable characters, a painfully familiar formula and a bizarre Lovecraftian ending that just comes out of nowhere. I really wanted to like this one, but man, it's just forgettable fodder.

Worth Watching?

No way. Life's too short. Save yourself the grief and watch Red Eye or even Snakes on a Plane instead. 

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