After the Pandemic (2022) Review

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After the Pandemic (2022) Review

Horrorific content by AngelaNolan on March 14th, 2022 | Movie Review | Survival, Thriller, Desolate, Military, Apocalypse

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It's about a young woman named Ellie who, after a pandemic that only spares the young, teams up with the cagey Quinn to evade capture by The Stalkers.

After the Pandemic was directed by Richard Lowry and stars Lelyn MacEve James and Kannon Smith.

Hunt or be hunted.

After the Pandemic (2022)

In a tried and tested pandemic movie staple, After the Pandemic begins well with a montage of radio news broadcasts regarding the emergence of a new virus strain with grisly images of coronaviruses, although I don’t think they actually say the word, and hospital patients. After this, the movie is slower than some pandemic films with most scenes devoted to gathering and preparing supplies with the odd jumpy moment thrown in.

Visually the film has chosen an interesting setting as it’s in a built-up area but there’s also large patches of scrub land. Ellie and Quinn are very mismatched so the relationship is played for gentle comedic effect a few times but we don’t learn very much about them as people, even in the long quiet scenes, so it’s hard to get as attached to them as the film needs us to and it begins to drag in places. This is a shame as it would be interesting to know where Quinn's impressive skills come from, and also to delve a little more into how the less competent Ellie managed before they met. The bad guys of the movie are interesting as they explore the dark side of human nature rather than going down the overplayed zombie route and the look of The Stalkers is simple but very eerie although I’d like to know a little more about their motivations.

The best scenes of the movie are those where The Stalkers draw closer as tension is built effectively with a good score. We do see a few virus victims but the look chosen for them is a tad cartoonish and jarring. The film definitely gets bonus points for having realistic lead characters who aren’t applying full makeup every day in an apocalypse and even *gasp* aren’t shaving their armpits, but I would like to know who’s been mowing all the lawns. Care has also been taken with regards to showing what food would still be accessible in an apocalypse and Ellie’s pure delight over piling her plate high with dried pasta is nice to watch.

Worth Watching?

It’s an interesting concept, but I’m sure that in a sea of pandemic themed movies coming out soon this one won't stand out.

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