616 Wilford Lane (2021) Review

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616 Wilford Lane (2021) Review

Horrorific content by christina on January 11th, 2023 | Movie Review | Slow Burn, Supernatural, Psychological, Thriller, Haunted House - Cursed, Teen, Haunted House

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It's about a man who moves into a haunted house in a small town with his two daughters after the death of his wife.

616 Wilford Lane was directed by Mark S. Allen and Dante Yore (Fear PHarm, Fear PHarm 2), and stars Eric Roberts (Minacious, Night of the Caregiver, and Survivor's Choice), Jasmine Waltz (Demon), Jessica Chancellor (Fear PHarm 2), Stevonte HartDon ScribnerMark DeCarlo (Finders Keepers), John Littlefield (Fear PHarm 2, Fear PHarm), Mikaela GildenAlyson Gorske, and Jon Herrmann.

616 Wilford Lane (2021) Review

There is a classic movie trope in cinema, where a family decides that starting anew might be the best way to cope and move forward in the aftermath of a tragedy. The first step of this process is leaving the city or suburban area they're used to, venturing to some small town out in the middle of nowhere. Here, they're usually met by something unexpected – whether it's an upstanding sheriff or a more secretive area with its own secrets and unknowns.

I have never known anyone or heard of anyone who has done this. It doesn't make sense, and I can't think of any reason someone would do this. 616 Wilford Lane is one of the few movies where such a premise is logical.

After the death of his wife, Jim moved himself and his two teenage daughters, Staci and Randy, to Auburn, California, a rural but gated community.

Local real estate agent Austyn is taking advantage of the opportunity to sell the mansion at the title address. The agency has recently increased the commission on it for some reason. According to a title card, the Number of the Beast is 616. Some security camera footage brings Amityville 2: The Possession and The Amityville Murders to mind, revealing why the owners are so desperate to sell the house.

The discounted price of the home should have been a hint that there were issues, but the chance at a bargain blinded the buyer's good sense. Birds flying into the windows, and their neighbor David, played by Eric Roberts, should have confirmed that the home was cursed. But, like the many families in cinema who came before them, they move in any way.

616 Wilford Lane was co-directed by Mark S. Allen and Dante Yore. The film was co-written by Allen, Yore, and Howard Burd. The three have worked together on several films in the past, including Fear PHarm, Fear PHarm 2, and Apparition. This is an enjoyable ghost story that could be more original.

The Auburn, CA neighborhood seems to be very friendly and welcoming. We feel like we belong here and have everything we need. Austyn and Jim hook up while Randy catches the eye of Matt, a local boy. Staci attempts to rebel against her family and starts sleepwalking. The girls notice strange things happening around the house; doors closing by themselves, bottles of whiskey falling off the counter. The spirits seem to be getting more active when the girls have guys over.

In the film's last ten minutes, a significant twist is introduced that will likely anger many viewers. The ending of the movie didn't amuse me. The way it was handled makes it easier to take, but I can't imagine too many people being happy with it. Those who would like this will likely love it.

Worth Watching? 

The film 616 Wilford Lane is entertaining for the most part, with a few scares and plenty of eye candy to keep viewers interested. Don't worry about what Jim does to afford a seven-figure home; just enjoy that he never seems to go to work. The town's desire to cover up a murder is puzzling, but don't let it ruin your good time. The same logic applies to the two high school girls having large breast implants.

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