31 (2016) Review

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31 (2016) Review

Horrorific content by adrian on October 31st, 2020 | Movie Review | Halloween, Survival, Gore, Halloween Slasher

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It's about a group of wealthy sadists who orchestrate a twisted game every Halloween involving some random unlucky bastards and a crew of demented killers.

31 was directed by Rob Zombie (who also directed Rob Zombie: The Zombie Horror Picture Show and The Lords Of Salem) and stars Sheri Moon Zombie (from Halloween II and Halloween), Meg Foster (from There's No Such Thing As Vampires and Jeepers Creepers 3) and Malcolm McDowell (from Corbin Nash and Sanitarium).

Welcome to hell

31 Review

Rob Zombie movies are known for being gritty, gory and generally outlandish. He broke into the horror scene 17 years ago with House of 1000 Corpses, a demented reimagining of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. That was followed up by The Devil's Rejects which effectively cemented him into the genre. He directed the polarizing remake of Halloween along with Halloween 2 and then ventured into new, surprisingly tame, territory with The Lords of Salem. The Lords of Salem isn't loved by horror fans, it scores only slightly above his loathed remake of Halloween 2 on IMDb. 

So what does a guy do after losing his way with two flops? He goes back to giving the people what they want. Grit, gore and outlandishness. And that's exactly what you get with 31.

31 kicks off on October 31st, 1976 with a group of carnies traveling to their next gig. They're a colorfully crude crew who are definitely not for the squeamish. Rob Zombie seems to do everything he can to offend throughout the first 20 minutes. But anyone who knows RZ's movies knows this is not out of character. Some critics seem to think this vulgarity is just used for the shock factor, I think it works to effectively create a perverted kind of camaraderie among the cast. Sure they're degenerates, but they're the only degenerates for miles around. They're cut from the same cloth, they get each other and they're friends because of it. They're like watching a bunch of homeless junkies all laughing at the same fart jokes. 

As they're clunking down the road one night in their beat up motorhome they get stopped by a few guys who kill some of our carnies and kidnap the rest. The rest wake up in some bizarre building where they're told about a game called 31 that they're about to be forced to play. Basically, if they can survive the next 12 hours they get to leave.

Survival of course won't be easy. The game involves them all being hunted by various deranged killers in a sprawling labyrinth designed to not be survivable. 

And that's really it. 31 is just a crazy bloody cat and mouse game. No plot, no depth, just a lot of bat shit crazy characters and wild kills.

Worth Watching?

I think so. It's the kind of movie you put on when you just want some mindless fart jokes, crazy characters and gore. 

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