The Witch Hunt is On in 'Sanctuary'

The Witch Hunt is On in 'Sanctuary'

Horrorific content by jessicagomez on February 17th, 2019 | Horror News |

V. V. James’s upcoming novel titled Sanctuary is officially becoming a television series. Television studio Entertainment 360 (Game of Thrones) acquired the rights at auction.

Sanctuary’s plot, in James’s own words, is “Big Little Lies with witches.” A star quarterback in a small town dies unexpectedly. The girl who was with him when he died becomes the subject of a modern day witch hunt - her mother was a witch, after all. Four women in town are carrying a secret, and the death may force their secrets to the surface. As rumors abound, the town becomes more and more anxious over who is telling the truth, and who may be harboring some supernatural powers. Sociology, paranoia and mob mentality are themes tackled in the book, and we expect that to translate to the small screen.

James told All Horror exclusively, “The week the screen deal closed was the thing of every writer’s dreams. I’m London based so I was doing a day’s work, leaving the office at six and going to my agent, then taking calls from passionate, brilliant Hollywood people who wanted to put my book on screen. I know that in the incredible team of Entertainment 360 and Monumental Pictures Sanctuary has found its perfect home. Between them, they’ve created so many stories that I love – and they blew me away with their love for my story.

“The story takes on everything from blame culture to female friendships tested to the limit, as it falls to one out-of-town cop to unravel the truth. The people of Sanctuary will discover things about themselves, each other – and about magic – that they never suspected.”

Now that the rights have officially been snapped up, we’re anxious to see who will star and what network will be featuring the series. The novel will be available in August in the UK and in the United States in the first half of 2020.


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