The Howl – October 26 – Washington D.C. Needs An Exorcist Because Of All The Ghost Sex

The Howl – October 26 – Washington D.C. Needs An Exorcist Because Of All The Ghost Sex

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Welcome, ghoulies and goblins, to another edition of AllHorror’s own Transylvania tabloid “The Howl”! Every Friday, the AllHorror Howl explores news of the horrifying, the shocking, and the intriguingly weird in and around horror culture.

Last week of Halloween! Today’s #NationalPumpkinDay - Have you watched your Pumkinhead yet?

Meanwhile Halloween the movie has broken box office records in accordance with the prophecy. Check out our mini-bio on Halloween star Jamie Lee Curtis, if you haven’t already. On a side note, this week marks the 40th anniversary of the original John Carpenter’s Halloween.

1953 Short Horror Film Recovered In Scotland

The film is a 20-minute short adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe’s short story “The Tell-Tale Heart,” about a murderer who buries the corpse of his victim in the walls of his home but is haunted still by the heartbeat. The film reel was recovered form a collector in Drummore, Scotland, who had originally picked it up in a second-hand shop in 1984 and had not known it was missing.

British Adelphi Films produced the work with one actor, Stanley Baker, as a first-person narrative. Baker would go on to his own distinguished career as an actor and producer over a time period spanning four decades.

Apparently A Lot Of People Have Banged A Ghost

If you’ve ever seen a spook rattling chains in the hallway and thought “Look at that sheet! I’d tap that!” you’re not alone. Cracked reports on the sordid statistics of ghost-boffing. Celebrities who have confessed to getting busy with the sheets include Anna Nicole Smith, Ke$ha, Bobby Brown, and Lucy Liu. Yep, here’s the Ke$ha interview:

That’s how you describe sexy times with a ghost? “Fun???” For somebody who’s allegedly experienced the zenith of paranormal events, we’re going to need a few more details than that. It raises all kinds of metaphysical questions - Do ghosts need protection? What counts as foreplay? How do you know when they’ve left? And somewhere on the metaphysical plane, is there a ghost getting high-fives from his homies for scoring Ke$ha?

There’s so much more to explore in that Cracked report - books on summoning ghosts, a website about summoning succubi and incubi, and eBay accounts where you can hire a ghost hooker. Is this legal? And wouldn’t you love to see a ghost trafficking case prosecuted in court?

The United States Map Of Horror

Streaming Observer has a map of collated search data showing the top horror movie most popular in each state. There’s so many conclusions to draw here. Washington D.C. is obsessed with The Exorcist, which tells you more about politics than you even wanted to know. Arizona likes What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?, which tells you a lot about their median age. And those fun-lovin’ kids out in Montana, they love Young Frankenstein, because you need a sense of humor when the highlight of your day is watching a buffalo poop.

Movies with multi-state popularity include Silence of the Lambs, Shaun of the Dead, and Evil Dead, including my home Hawkeye State. That tree-rape scene just gets a lot more mileage when trees are what surrounds you in every direction.

Would You Take A Donut From A Clown?

There’s a scary clown donut delivery service run by Hurts Donut, with locations in these cities.

See, this is how you can tell you live in America. When you can say “I have a craving for a specialty donut like maple bacon, but I also want a nightmare from It to bring it to me!” If you can’t get Pennywise to bring you a dozen decadent pastries, the terrorists have won!

Til next week, spectral spook fans, stay chilly!

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