The Howl – October 19 – Watch Lloyd Kaufman Play Nintendo Games While Brett Kavanaugh Gets Hoodo

The Howl – October 19 – Watch Lloyd Kaufman Play Nintendo Games While Brett Kavanaugh Gets Hoodo

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Welcome, ghoulies and goblins, to another edition of AllHorror’s own Transylvania tabloid “The Howl”! Every Friday, the AllHorror Howl explores news of the horrifying, the shocking, and the intriguingly weird in and around horror culture.

Just 12 days until Halloween! Where does the time go?

Halloween (2018) is in theaters as of last night, and is projected to rake in $100 million beans for the opening weekend alone. We’ll see you at the theater!

Has the Halloween franchise run its course, or does it have a couple laps left? Rex Reed offers his take.

Other than that, it looks like other horror movies wisely stayed wide of Halloween debut weekend so as not to compete. Venom, The House with a Clock in Its Walls, and The Nun are still lurking in a theater near you.

The Ringer recently put up a nice long-form piece about Troma Entertainment, a horror producer and distributor so prolific that we gave Troma its own list.

But for real, check out Lloyd Kaufman on AVGN (you know him better as “Cinemassacre”). Nice little interview, starting from a video game review of the adaptation of The Toxic Avenger. Kaufman comes off as buoyantly bubbly, like a Mel Brooks without quite so much borscht. He actually has to play through the games based on his own movies.

For my part, I just watched Cannibal! The Musical, distributed by Troma, for a review over at 366WeirdMovies. And while I wouldn’t call it a horror movie AT ALL, damn if it wasn’t a frisky little romp.

Artsy horror director David Lynch sees what a troubled country is America, so he sot down and studied the problem until he’d thunk it all up! And now he knows just what to do: swinging into action, he confided to us all his faith in Transcendental Meditation to cure our ills.

Hey, meditation is beneficial in some way. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it! You know how everybody’s always complaining how busy and hectic the 21st century is, we’re all plugged into media all the time, bringing us bad news that stresses us out? When you look at it that way, what harm can tuning out for five minutes for a brain break do?

So David Lynch beats on this meditation thing every chance he gets, at least it’s nothing harmful. Be glad he didn’t find Scientology first like half the other aging celebrities out there.

OK, so maybe you heard about the huge hullabaloo over the appointment of Brett Kavanaugh - a contentious event which drew thick, oozing blood on both sides of the political aisle. Well, it seems like some real-life witches in Brooklyn aren’t considering it a settled matter. They’re looking to put a hex on the Brex starting tomorrow, October 20th.

Now, we horror fans have a different take on the whole witchcraft thing. Witches in horror are seldom portrayed as being on the good side. But modern-day, lifestyle witches seem to have this angry activism thing going on. The same group (coven?) organized three hexes against Donald Trump last year and just look at him now - does he ever look sorry or what?

So, ah, stay out of the witches’ way, I guess? I’m bemusedly skeptical until someone, anyone, can explain to me precisely what a hex is supposed to do?

Til next week, zany zombie fans, stay chilly!

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