The Howl – October 12 – CONSUME! OBEY! CONFORM!

The Howl – October 12 – CONSUME! OBEY! CONFORM!

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Welcome, ghoulies and goblins, to another edition of AllHorror’s own Transylvania tabloid “The Howl”! Every Friday, the AllHorror Howl will bring you news of the horrifying, the shocking, and the intriguingly weird. It’s always a new surprise, with the only guarantee being that the line between fiction and reality will blur.

Only 19 days until Halloween!

And only 6 more days until the premiere of Halloween 2018!

We’re huffing pumpkin spice latte to keep from fainting over here. See our Halloween opening hype here and here.

Netflix’s new series The Haunting of Hill House begins streaming today. Check out our coverage and trailer here.

Speaking of... There’s a Netflix watcher who not only catalogs all horror shows currently on Netflix, but sorts them into categories and even gives them tiny reviews. Behold, The Haunting of Netflix.

This one’s mystifying us, but there’s someplace called “Rustic Drive-In,” which is somewhere, and October 18th they’re having a 50th anniversary double-feature of both versions of Night of the Living Dead.

We have no idea where this Dreadphile Cinema Club is or where the Rustic Drive-In is, but the link’s there with a Facebook and Patreon, perhaps you can bang on the window and get somebody to answer your questions.

In any case, we can't fault a venue as long as they remember the 50th anniversary of George Romero's seminal classic, not to mention they know who Tom Savini is.

Some of you might not have heard about COMET, a new TV station running on cable and satellite which shows scifi and horror. Or if your local provider doesn’t stock it, you can stream that baby right to your browser, gratis. So what have they got? Here’s their movie list, with a decent showing of mostly horror this month and some general genre stuff. Maybe not top-of-the-line material, but some passable B-movies, classics, and the occasional rare gem. Check the schedule here.

Allow me to draw your attention to one of the movies offered by COMET,  House of the Long Shadows (1983). Because at first you’re gonna be stoked for the cast: Vincent Price, Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, and John Carradine, the only time all four of those appeared in the same movie! In reality, the all-star cast is pushed over to the side to make way for... Desi Arnaz Jr.! Yes, he’s the main character, and the whole damn movie is all about him while the big names barely get a couple scenes in. It’s supposed to be a comedy, but it’s clunky and lame.

Still, what self-respecting horror fan can live without checking it off their bucket list? Price gets a hammy speech, Cushing goes a couple feisty rounds, Lee works double-time on his eye twinkle, and Carradine mostly yawns and takes a nap.

Couple Gives Birth To Alien Chestburster

An expecting couple decided to spice up their photo shoot while waiting in the pumpkin patch for the Great Pumpkin (which is all a conspiracy, see our last issue of "The Howl"). So they went with an Alien theme, because what pregnant mother hasn’t felt like they must be carrying a little monster already?

You have to admire them for the fearless commitment and dark sense of humor. Now to post them on Facebook and weird the kid out in about ten years...

They Live Glasses Are Now A Reality!

Jamie Zawinski, legendary geek elder guru, nightclub owner, and Earth’s coolest living person, is a horror fan and especially a They Live fan.

So he jumped on this story about some clown actually inventing glasses that filter out video screens, to block advertising and expose them for the black, empty, soul-sucking portals they are. Walk down the street knowing your mind and attention is your own, safe from subliminal conditioning from your alien overlords... oh heck, watch the movie, we can’t explain the whole thing for you here.

Wait, we mentioned They Live, might as well pitch in a link to our Paranoia horror movie list, with a legion of movies based around a conspiracy.

Til next week, hungry horror fans, stay chilly!

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