'The Cannibal Club' Gets March Release Date

'The Cannibal Club' Gets March Release Date

Horrorific content by jessicagomez on February 09th, 2019 | Horror News |

What do the ultra-rich do for fun? In the Brazilian film The Cannibal Club, they eat their employees.

You can see the trouble Otavio and Gilda get into when they decide to become members of the notorious Cannibal Club when the film is released in North America - in select theaters on March 1st, and On Demand on March 5th - via Uncork’d Entertainment.

Writer and director Guto Parente has previously worked on mystery thriller The Mysterious Death of Pérola, but this is his first splatter film.

The real Cannibal Club’s origins began in the 1800s, when a Victorian dining club was established by The Anthropological Society. Though there was no cannibalism that actually occurred at the club, it was thought to be given the name due to founding member Sir Richard Francis Burton’s interest in cannibalism.

The excessively gory Cannibal Club was filmed in Portuguese, but the subtitles and graphic imagery are enough to get you thinking twice about what wealthy people do in the shadows.


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