Terror Films Releases 'Close Calls'

Terror Films Releases 'Close Calls'

Horrorific content by jessicagomez on January 14th, 2019 | Horror News |

Richard Stringham’s debut feature film Close Calls has been acquired by film distribution company Terror Films, which has brought us such horror favorites as Hell House LLC and The House on Pine Street . The film will be available across digital platforms January 11th.

A twist on the psycho caller genre, Close Calls follows troubled teen Morgan (Jordan Phipps) as she navigates the rocky waters of drug addiction, an elderly grandparent who has begun to lose her mind, and inner demons that she doesn’t quite understand as she receives threatening phone calls while grounded at home. Paranoia abounds in this surreal, Argento-esque thriller.

Close Calls made the rounds on the festival circuit, with viewings at Hot Springs International Horror Film Festival, Hollywood Dreams International Film Festival, Los Angeles Horror Competition, Maverick Movie Awards, Spotlight Horror Film Festival, and the NYC Horror Film Festival. The film has won several awards, including accolades for best cinematography, best Director, and best feature film.

Phipps seems to be taking her career down the horror path, with such upcoming films as Bigfoot’s Bride and Lakeside Massacre. Perhaps we have an up-and-coming Scream Queen in our midst.

To learn more about Close Calls, follow the facebook page for the movie and for Terror Films.


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