'Stranger Things' is Back with an Action-Packed Season 3 Trailer

'Stranger Things' is Back with an Action-Packed Season 3 Trailer

Horrorific content by Jessica Gomez on March 22nd, 2019 | Horror News |

We’re entering the height of the 80s in Stranger Things Season 3, and the new trailer promises new hairstyles, new wardrobes, and more incredible 80s music. What seems to be a coming-of-age season where the middle schoolers leave their childhoods behind and enter full-on puberty, the kids are all back together for the summer in season 3, growing up and going through the challenges of adolescence, all while dealing with more alien forces.

Unfortunately for Will, it looks like he may not be ready to take on these new adventures over the summer, because he’s still got some issues left behind from the Hawkins Lab.

When we left off in Season 2, Eleven had finished off the last of the demogorgens who had infiltrated the Hawkins Lab, and she finally reunites with Mike, Dustin, Lucas, and Hopper. Change is afoot for the kids and adults alike in the upcoming season...is that a date that Hopper is on!? Is it with Joyce!? We’ll see this summer.

Season 3 seems to pay homage to even more iconic 80s films, with the trailer teasing shots that look eerily similar to The Terminator , Ghostbusters and Die Hard. We, of course, get a look at a demogorgen - and this one seems even nastier and more terrifying than the original, if that’s possible.

Varying from the usual October release date, Stranger Things will be back for a third season on July 4th, 2019 on Netflix.


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