Sinister 3 Rumors

Sinister 3 Rumors

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Blumhouse Productions is the film studio known for it’s low-budget horror that can pack in big scares. From Get Out to Split, they’re known to wow audiences, but they don’t always hit the mark. With Scott Derrickson’s Sinister in 2012, Blumhouse had done it again. Audiences loved the scares and story and a sequel was green lit and released in 2015, this time with Ciaran Foy at the helm. Since then? Nothing but dust in the wind about a third film and it’s not like Blumhouse is averse to sequels or series as evidenced by their Paranormal Activity series and their involvement in a franchise like Halloween.

Hollywood, and Blumhouse by attachment, run on money. While the original Sinister made a decent load of cash, Sinister 2 just didn’t hit it off with the box offices. Jason Blum went on record during a Facebook Live chat that “There is no Sinister 3” dashing the dreams of Bughuul fans everywhere. He went on: “We Didn’t do well enough with Sinister 2. Not enough people went to see Sinister 2 to make Sinister 3, which is really sad.” If you’re the comparing type: Sinister made 87.7 million with a 3 million production budget while Sinister 2 made 54 million on a budget of 10 million. Its a big difference, but it still turned a profit for Blum and his company, so we doubt that’s all it was.

Jason Blum, the man behind Blumhouse, knows how to make a film series work, even if they aren’t critically acclaimed, just look at where most of the Blumhouse series get by the 3rd or 4th film. (Insidious 3 and Paranormal Activity 4 both became Certified Rotten, but still got sequels. And The Purge started out Rotten from the beginning, yet The Purge 4 premieres this summer.) So, what about Sinister 2? Well, it has joined the ranks of a few other Blumhouse movies that wallow in a score under 15%. Those films just don’t get sequels.

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What’s worse, even those who really enjoyed the first film just couldn’t get down with the way things changed for the second. One of the best parts of the original was the creepy home video footage turned snuff film. Scott Derrickson did a great job of making the fuzzy footage realistic and horrific, but these sequences in the sequel came off the opposite, effectively ruining what made Sinister scary in the first place.

The other great part of Sinister was the mystery of the footage. How did the films get in the home? Who filmed them? Well the film answer these questions and more, (SPOILER!) revealing that it’s the child who films their murder of the rest of the family, and low-and-behold, his own child is coming for him under the influence of the spooky faced Bughuul. With the mystery essentially solved and Bughuul no longer being a ghoul one has to unravel, Sinister 2 was forced to come up with a different angle. What they chose didn’t really cut it and instead cut the suspense. Sinister 2 follows a kid who is being seduced by Bughuul and we can guess the ending from the beginning. Worst of all, because of all the death, which of course works well in the genre, coming up with a different family to murder for every film would eventually get very old.

Sinister 2

Sadly, Bughuul himself is a bit of a boring character and villain. Sure, he is an ugly demon who aims to corrupt children and well…kills people, but he’s not more than that. He doesn’t have the screen presence of other horror franchises. He doesn’t have the character of Jason or Freddy, and he also lacks a really great visual appeal like the Cenobites or Chucky. He’s got an ugly mug that’s good for splashing suddenly across the screen, no fashion sense, and a relatively basic goal, so aside from jump scares, he’s not good for much.

And finally, Scott Derrickson himself has moved on from Sinister. He’d be a good pick to possibly make a dynamic and interesting third film, but he’s got no time. After doing Doctor Strange for Marvel in 2016 and now executive producing on TNT’s upcoming Snowpiercer adaption, he’s moved on to better and literally bigger things.


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