Shudder to Celebrate Black Voices in Horror Noire

Shudder to Celebrate Black Voices in Horror Noire

Horrorific content by Yo Adrian on January 16th, 2019 | Horror News |

If you’re a fan of Shudder’s exceptional approach to original programming and love a great documentary, you won’t want to miss Horror Noire. It’s the growing horror network’s very first documentary feature and will tackle the meaty topic of black voices, talent, and depictions throughout the history of the horror genre. It’s set to drop on February 7th – just in time for this year’s Black History Month – so be sure to mark your calendars.

For as long as horror movies have been around, there have been exceptional black filmmakers, actors, and storytellers throwing their hats into the ring and influencing how we look at what scares us most. Think everything from the iconic Candyman to the sensation that is Jordan Peele of Get Out and Us fame! Horror Noire treats viewers to a fresh and very informative look about black voices in horror. It will also feature more than 20 different black horror icons, including but not limited to:

Horror Noire is the brainchild of Dr. Robin R. Means Coleman, the author responsible for the smash hit book of the same name. It is directed by Xavier Burgin. Topics covered include the controversial depiction of black people in horror and the rise of some of the genre’s most influential stars.

There will also be in-depth discussion that explores the role black filmmakers and artists have played in the development of an approach to film that leaves so much room for exploration and creativity even today. Horror Noire will be available exclusively via Shudder’s streaming service starting February 7th.

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