Shudder to Air New Ted Raimi Series Deadwax

Shudder to Air New Ted Raimi Series Deadwax

Horrorific content by dusan on September 21st, 2018 | Horror News |

If you’ve been looking to add a fresh new horror series to your regular rotation, your wish is about to be granted. Shudder original series Deadwax is set to premiere at Austin Texas’s very own Fantastic Fest on September 23, 2018. It will then be made available to Shudder subscribers later on in the year. The series is directed by former sound designer, Graham Reznick (The Sacrament, The House of the Devil) and stars Ted Raimi (Darkness Rising, Attack of the 50 Foot Cheerleader).

The storyline of Deadwax will take viewers all the way back to the infamous Satanic Panic of the 1970’s. In particular, it will explore the once held belief that if certain vinyl records were played backward, nefarious secret messages hidden in various songs would be revealed. (Popular examples of such songs include Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven”, The Beatles’ “Revolution 9”, and Styx’s “Snowblind”.) The practice of including such messages in music was known as backmasking and thought to be Satanic in nature. The title Deadwax is actually a music industry term referring to the blank space on a record between the center label and the rest of the vinyl disc that holds the actual music.

Hannah Gross (of Mindhunter fame) also stars as Etta, a young woman with a real knack for supplying her many well-to-do clients with ultra-rare recordings. The current circulating teaser for Deadwax follows Etta as she attempts to track down a record so rare and malicious, it’s said to make its listeners fall down dead once they’ve listened to it. From the looks of things, Deadwax definitely looks to be a promising addition to our personal end of the year line-up. If you can’t make it to Fantastic Fest, catch it later this year when it starts streaming only on Shudder!


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