Seems About White: 'The Craft' Actress Rachel True Believes Her Exclusion From Conventions

Seems About White: 'The Craft' Actress Rachel True Believes Her Exclusion From Conventions

Horrorific content by jessicagomez on January 29th, 2019 | Horror News |

Fans of The Craft are in for some disappointing news. Though some conventions are billing some actor appearances at their events as a reunion for The Craft, one important person was excluded - Rachel True.

True, whose character Rochelle was a huge step for black women in horror cinema, took to Twitter this weekend to express her disgust for the unnamed conventions. She explained that all three of the other witches from the film (Neve Campbell, Robin Tunney and Fairuza Balk) were invited to appear, but True was never contacted. She believes that racism is to blame.

True stated that Balk had given her the heads up and that her exclusion reminded her of the 90s, when she was not included in press junkets for the film despite being a main character. She also cited the other three witches presenting at the MTV Music Awards while she watched in the crowd. It’s unnerving to hear about this considering she was one of the four corners needed to complete the coven, and a very important part of the film. Black actors in film have famously been underrepresented and treated unfairly in comparison to their white co-workers, and True hopes to help make some change as she brings these allegations to the surface.

True neglected to name the events to which she was referring, so we haven’t been able to contact anyone for a statement on why she was not invited. As of right now, her being left out due to being black seems plausible - and it’s completely their loss.

An outpouring of support resulted from her tweets, with many people speaking to what True’s character meant to them growing up. Some pointed out that her treatment mirrors her character’s experience being targeted for being black at her Catholic school.

In the meantime, True will be speaking at the Horror Noire event in LA next month. We hope to hear from the actors at this event about how we can all be allies and stop the casual racism that occurs in our industry.

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