Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga Confirmed to Return in Annabelle 3

Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga Confirmed to Return in Annabelle 3

Horrorific content by dusan on October 22nd, 2018 | Horror News |

Fans of the popular Conjuring franchise will be more than familiar with Ed and Lorraine Warren. Not only are they real life demonologists and paranormal investigators, but their fictionalized likenesses are the main protagonists of The Conjuring and The Conjuring 2. They’re also artfully portrayed on screen by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga.

Now fans of Wilson and Farmiga as the courageous Warrens can look forward to seeing their return in not one, but two new films from the blockbuster series. We already knew we could probably expect them to appear in The Conjuring 3 when it hits theaters in 2020, but official news just dropped that they’ll also be appearing in Annabelle 3 as well.

Annabelle 3 is currently still in preproduction, but if it’s anything like its predecessors, we’re prepared for another wild ride. In addition to Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga, McKenna Grace and Madison Iseman will have starring roles. We also know that the third installment in the terrifying Conjuring spin-off series will be both written and directed by Gary Dauberman, the genius behind both of the previous Annabelle films. Annabelle 3 will be the sixth addition to the Conjuring universe franchise at the time of its release.

The storyline of Annabelle 3 picks up at the point where the infamous demonic doll enters the Warrens’ possession and acquires a permanent spot in their artifact room, their personal protected housing space for haunted items. However, things don’t stay peaceful for long. The mere presence of Annabelle awakens the collective evil in the room from its slumber. Eventually, the Warrens’ young daughter, Judy is affected along with her babysitter and a family friend. Will they be strong enough to fight off the evil before it consumes them?  Annabelle 3 is tentatively set for a 2019 release, so watch for it to hit a theater near you next year!


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