Official Site for Child's Play Reboot Delivers New Details About Revamped Killer Doll

Official Site for Child's Play Reboot Delivers New Details About Revamped Killer Doll

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Whether you love the idea of MGM’s upcoming Child’s Play reboot or absolutely loathe it, one thing’s for certain. You’re definitely curious about it and you’ve been dying to know more about this “new and improved” Chucky we’ll all be introduced to. Now with the launch of the upcoming film’s official website, we have the answers to some of our burning questions. Here’s a bit of what we know so far:

  • The Good Guys doll you know and love from the original Child’s Play timeline will now be a high-tech reimagining called the Buddi doll.

  • It’s been confirmed that the killer doll will not receive a new name. He’ll still be called Chucky.

  • Buddi dolls come complete with voice recognition software, multiple sensors, cameras, and the ability to process detailed information about its environment in real time.

  • Buddi dolls can not only talk but are able to speak fluent English and Spanish right out of the box.

These details and more like them are available over at for your viewing pleasure. The site is also jam-packed with additional freebies, wallpapers, and fun tidbits for fans to share and enjoy.

The plotline of Child’s Play will mirror the familiar one you know and love from the original film. Aubrey Plaza ( Life After Beth, Ingrid Goes West) plays a loving mother who gifts her son (played by Gabriel Bateman of Lights Out) a high-tech doll for his birthday. However, she is woefully unaware that the doll harbors some sinister secrets, as well as some very dark urges.

In addition to Plaza and Bateman, the cast list includes Beatrice Kitsos (Fox’s The Exorcist TV series), Brian Tyree Henry, and Ty Consiglio (Wonder). It’s directed by Lars Klevberg, as well as produced by David Katzenberg and Seth Grahame-Smith. Look for it in theaters next summer starting June 21, 2019.

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