New Stills from Jordan Peele's Us Shed Additional Light on Plotline

New Stills from Jordan Peele's Us Shed Additional Light on Plotline

Horrorific content by Dusan on January 07th, 2019 | Horror News |

Ever since 2017’s Get Out proved horror films could be as socially astute as they are spine-tingling, genre fans everywhere have been waiting to see what filmmaker Jordan Peele will come up with next. Then 2019’s Us was announced and people immediately started getting excited. However, little has been revealed about the actual plotline of the upcoming film or released from behind the scenes… until now.

Nyongo as Adelaide, armed with a weaponRecently, Blumhouse released the film’s very first teaser poster. Then Entertainment Weekly brought us the first bona fide stills from the film as part of its much-anticipated annual first-look coverage. Even better, the stills have helped to lift another corner of the veil on the plotline of Us.

As far as what we know so far, Us follows the story of the Wilsons. Gabe (played by Black Panther’s Winston Duke) and Adelaide (played by Lupita Nyong’o of 12 Years a Slave) are the patriarch and matriarch of the family respectively. As families do, they embark on a getaway along with their daughter ( Shahidi Wright Joseph) and son (Evan Alex). They are joined by the Tylers (played by Handmaid’s Tale’s Elizabeth Moss and Tim and Eric’s Tim Heidecker).

Wilson family dressed in crimson and holding handsOf course, this won’t turn out to be any ordinary family vacation. Adelaide has been plagued by a series of disturbing visions that suggest something awful will soon happen to her and her family. When a menacing group of strangers known only as The Tethered show up, it starts to look as if Adelaide’s visions are onto something.

The two pictures released by Entertainment Weekly give us a few more clues to get excited about. The first depicts Nyong’o as Adelaide, armed with a weapon and ready to fight. The second depicts what appears to be the Wilson family dressed in crimson and holding hands… but is it really them or the mysterious Tethered? We personally can’t wait to find out, so stay tuned.

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