Lunch Ladies Takes Scores “Best Editing” Honor at the Rhode Island Film Festival

Lunch Ladies Takes Scores “Best Editing” Honor at the Rhode Island Film Festival

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If you haven’t yet gotten a chance to check out Clarissa Jacobson’s delightfully funny horror-comedy, Lunch Ladies, you’ll definitely want to add it to your must-see list immediately. Not only does it have horror circles all over the world talking, but it’s been winning important genre awards right and left for its snappy writing, quirky performances, and fresh approach to horror.

At the time of this posting, Lunch Ladies has no less than 20 awards and accolades to its credit, including the coveted “Best Editing” award at this year’s Rhode Island Film Festival, “Best Director” at Hollywood Horrorfest, and “Best North American Short” at Nevermore Film Festival. It’s also been selected for screening at 44 different film festivals and counting, so it’s definitely making the rounds like wildfire.

The storyline of Lunch Ladies is simple at its core. Seretta (Donna Pieroni) and LouAnne (Mary Manofsky) are a pair of burnt-out high school lunch ladies that aren’t yet ready to give up on a very big dream. They want to be Johnny Depp’s personal chefs and they’re willing to do absolutely anything to make it happen, including a bloody dark deed or two.

Although Pieroni and Manofsky definitely shine as the titular lunch ladies, it’s Clarissa Jacobson’s witty writing and dialogue that really sets Lunch Ladies apart. Jacobson got her start acting in a number of off-Broadway productions and has also done her share of voice work. However, she soon realized her true forte was writing and the rest is history. In addition to the very worthy Lunch Ladies, she is also the pen behind upcoming production Stella By Starlight and numerous other scripts. (J.M. Logan’s stellar directing is yet another bright spot in Lunch Ladies.)

Definitely keep your eyes peeled for your next chance to catch Lunch Ladies as it makes the rounds and see what all the buzz about. In the meantime, you can follow Clarissa Jacobson on all major social media platforms.

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