Jordan Peele in Talks to Oversee Upcoming Candyman Remake

Jordan Peele in Talks to Oversee Upcoming Candyman Remake

Horrorific content by Dusan on October 03rd, 2018 | Horror News |

The 1992 horror classic Candyman is widely considered to be one of the scariest movies ever made thanks to Bernard Rose’s expert direction and Tony Todd’s legendary performance as the Candyman himself. Now there’s even more for Candyman enthusiasts to get excited about with Jordan Peele reportedly in talks to produce a remake of the beloved genre classic.

Jordan Peele first became a household name among horror lovers in 2017 when his groundbreaking film, Get Out first exploded onto the scene. Not only was Get Out universally praised for it’s frightening storyline, stellar performances, and uniquely satirical approach to relevant social issues like racism, but Peele himself positively shone as the brilliant writer and director that he is. Who better to do justice to a timeless classic like Candyman?

Peele has even received the official seal of approval from Tony Todd himself. When asked how he felt about the possibility of Candyman returning to the silver screen under the guiding hand of Jordan Peele, he had this to say:

“[It’s] strongly rumored and I know Jordan is a fan of the character and moi, which is wonderful to hear and I’m a fan of his. You know, it’s about time.”

Todd went on to express definite interest in making an appearance in the film if it promises to be as well-written and expertly produced as expected. Horror fans everywhere have no doubt that if anyone can do absolute justice to the legacy of Candyman, it’s Jordan Peele.

Of course, we still have to wait until everything’s 100% official before we can get really excited, but in the meantime, there’s plenty else to look forward to for fans of Todd and his work. Catch him in Hell Fest when it hits a theater near you on Friday, September 28th. Also, don’t forget to include the original Candyman, as well as Get Out, in your Halloween season movie night rotation!

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