John Carpenter Considers Prince of Darkness Shudder Series

John Carpenter Considers Prince of Darkness Shudder Series

Horrorific content by dusan on October 02nd, 2018 | Horror News |

The imminent release of this year’s much-anticipated Halloween sequel isn’t all John Carpenter fans are excited about these days. In a recent interview with Consequence of Sound, Carpenter mentioned the possibility of an upcoming Shudder original series based on his underrated classic, Prince of Darkness as well. “We’re talking to them about doing a theme. And maybe doing a show for them,” said Carpenter. “What would you think about Prince of Darkness as a TV show?” Upon being pressed for more details, however, Carpenter refused to say much more. All the interviewer could get out of him at that point was, “I’m not going to tell you.” Even so, many genre fans are wildly excited about even the possibility of a Prince of Darkness television show. Originally released in 1987, Prince of Darkness never quite achieved the “iconic classic” status some of Carpenter’s other features have (e.g. Halloween and They Live). However, the film does have a cult following of fans that consider it highly underrated. Along with the films The Thing and In the Mouth of Madness, Prince of Darkness is part of what Carpenter calls his “Apocalypse Trilogy”. If the proposed Shudder series moves forward, it will fit right into the network’s growing line-up of ground-breaking programming with roots in retro genre classic territory. For instance, horror fans may remember catching Joe Bob Briggs in Shudder’s The Last Drive-In when it became a runaway hit this past July. Shudder fans are also looking forward to an upcoming anthology-style series based on Stephen King’s Creepshow and helmed by legendary Walking Dead showrunner, Greg Nicotero. In other words, there’s never been a better time for Shudder and Carpenter to join forces on a hot new project. Until then, there’s still plenty of incredible Shudder programming to explore, as well as the original Prince of Darkness to rediscover this Halloween season.


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