Jason Blum Talks 'Sinister', 'Final Destination', 'Friday the 13th' Franchises in Q & A

Jason Blum Talks 'Sinister', 'Final Destination', 'Friday the 13th' Franchises in Q & A

Horrorific content by Jessica Gomez on March 19th, 2019 | Horror News |

Just before traveling to SXSW in Austin, horror producer Jason Blum held an impromptu Q & A on his twitter account. Questions from fans ranged from if he plans to make a werewolf movie (he doesn’t) to his favorite movie that he’s made (the first installment of The Purge .) He disclosed some intriguing new details in his answers.

When asked about more installments of Happy Death Day and Sinister , he said that a third Death Day was unlikely, but not impossible, and gave a simple “nope :(” to a third Sinister film. He did, however, tease that he may use Bughuul in a future television series.

He offered bits of advice, such as making a “mind blowing short” film in order to break into Hollywood, while talking his personal projects. He noted that Run Sweetheart Run will be released within the next 12 months, and that he is considering acquiring the rights to the Final Destination franchise to continue the series of films with a sixth installment. When asked if he is interested in making a Friday the 13th film, he simply answered, “very.” One franchise he won’t be stepping into? A Nightmare on Elm Street , for which he says the “rights are too complicated.”

Blum remarked that rejection is the hardest part of being a producer. “I still get it every day.  We have a tv project that is brilliant that i’m trying to finance and three different people turned me down today.  I’m considering financing it myself I’m so pissed about it.” We’re looking forward to hearing more about that.

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