Jamie Lee Curtis So Far

Jamie Lee Curtis So Far

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Ironically enough, the big draw in the new Halloween re-sequel-boot isn’t the iconic slasher with the creepy mask, but Jamie Lee Curtis. Media mavens all over are calling the box office records broken by this latest franchise entry as a shot in the arm for feminism - led by Curtis herself.

That hashtag is #womengetthingsdone - Ask for it wherever feminist empowerment is sold.

Funny thing is, many people have dismissed her as a “scream queen.” Puh-lease, people, you’re all in dire need of being refreshed at just how much this amazing human being has done! Let’s have a dance through Curtis’ resume, shall we? And in case you’re sick of it, we’ll drop all the references to the Halloween franchise. They’re a given. Halloween is why you’re here now.

First off, Curtis followed Halloween with a whirlwind tour of three other horror films that have stood the test of time: The Fog, Prom Night, and Terror Train. All three of those have a cult following.

But Curtis broke out of the horror film mold after that, and soon played a major role in A Fish Called Wanda. That movie is worth focusing on; it stands today as essential canon for Monty Python fans, and Curtis’ major role revealed a new side to her acting. Her character of Wanda is fast-talking, fast-thinking, and a hustling con who plays everybody else in the movie like a banjo.

She went on to star in more main-stream fare, including falling into the Disney tarpit where there is no escape because they will keep you noosed in contracts making up excuses to keep you busy, like Beverly Hills Chihuahua. Curtis put her acting career on the back burner close to then, having racked up a few awards including Golden Globes, People’s Choice, Jupiter, and whatnot. She’s still popped up in bit roles here and there.

But did you know she’s also an author? She’s written about a dozen children’s books, one of which, Today I Feel Silly, and Other Moods That Make My Day, stayed ten weeks on the NYT best-seller list.

How about a blogger? She blogs for the Huffington Post, been there quite some years, too. It’s not just a celebrity blog about her career, either, but about social and political issues, even bringing her characteristic zingy wit to the fore, along with left-slanted editorials befitting that venue.

On a personal side, Jamie Lee Curtis is apparently a World of Warcraft fan, so she’s in the geek camp - at least via her kids. Here she is attending the movie premiere in cosplay costume:

Being a parent, the Present Author can identify with how your kids get you into new stuff. I tried out Magic: the Gathering as a young lad myself but dropped it; fade-out / fade-in, my kids brought home the game from high school and I got back into it... and now I have a $four-figure card collection and play regularly. Parenting is an adventure in many ways.

Jamie Lee Curtis is also a baroness by marriage in the British peerage system. Her title, which she herself downplays, is "The Right Honourable The Lady Haden-Guest.” Go up to her and call her that to her face sometime, I dare you.

Now how’s that for a well-rounded life? What was that “scream queen” thing again? At just shy of 60, Jamie Lee Curtis has already lived more out loud than any ten of the rest of us. And she need not fear being re-typecast as a horror film actress again after her lead role in this year’s Halloween; she’s gotten enough mana charged up to do anything she wants to now.

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