Interview with Director Eduardo Castrillo

Interview with Director Eduardo Castrillo

Horrorific content by Jessica Gomez on September 07th, 2019 | Horror News |

Director, writer and producer Eduardo Castrillo knows how to push for maximum impact on a small budget. His indie film The Pining, starring up-and-comer Diogo Hausen as Joe, and Tom Sizemore as a shady priest (enough for me to watch), is a supernatural whodunnit. AllHorror sat down with Castrillo to talk about getting creative with his film, his love of the horror genre, and what it’s like to work with Sizemore.

Jessica Gomez (JG): ‘The Pining’ is your first horror film. What can we expect?

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Eduardo Castrillo (EC): I would tell the audience to expect something non-formulaic. It sounds pretentious, I know, but bare with me for a second. We really had a core story, but dealing with something paranormal and supernatural, I gave myself and my cinematographer permission to be creative. We wanted to do zombies, noir type detectives, CW-type romance scenes, slasher hallway walks… Pretty much anything we’ve never tried before, we wanted to do. This story was the perfect outlet for artistic freedom and I love it for it. It’s just a lot of fun. 

JG: Tell me about your background and your journey into filmmaking.

EC: When I was a kid, I didn't think about making movies at all. I was more into sports and fighting and getting into trouble. But when I was in high school, I saw ‘Once Upon A Time in Mexico’ in theaters and thought it was the greatest film I had ever seen, and I wanted to do that. I would spend countless hours watching movies, drawing comic books - doing anything I could to tell stories. I took classes at a junior college, got an internship at a local production company, and then finished up at a film school in San Francisco where I met a lot of the crew I still work with today.

JG: I’m told you’re a big fan of horror. How did you get interested in the genre? 

EC: Horror was forced upon me as a child. (laughs) I have an older brother and a lifelong friend who used to watch horror movies, and they’d make me watch too, because if I wanted to be cool, I had to do what they did. So every Friday night, it would be Michael Myers or Jason. It scared me, but it also prepared me for the path I'm on now. I've seen many horror films and been to horror conventions to meet a lot of the stars and creatives who worked on those films, and I’ve learned so much.

JG: Can we expect to see more horror films from you in the future?

EC: I just wrapped a horror film this summer! I have another starting production in the fall. I wanted to do at least three before moving on to something else. I’m having a lot of fun in this world, and hopefully getting better with each production. 

JG: This is your second film directing Tom Sizemore. What’s he like to work with?

EC: Tom is a trooper! He will give me early morning to late at night to make sure we got the scenes we needed. He compliments the other actors, takes selfies with the crew - he’s an all-around nice guy. I’d love to work with him again. 

JG: Jackie Dallas of Stranger Things also stars in The Pining. Did she bring any interesting stories to the set from the series?

EC: Jackie is going to be the next big thing - I believe it. She’s so incredibly intelligent - did you know she used to be a doctor? She works hard, has fun with the cast and crew. She has the best stories as well. She told us about working on Stranger Things and how it was just a small little thing shooting in Atlanta, and no one knew what to make of it, so they just had fun being creative and being in something starring Winona Ryder. Next thing they know it's everywhere, the kids are at award shows, on cereal boxes... It's a cult phenomenon.

JG: Tell us about your upcoming projects.

EC: I have the horror film I shot and am currently editing. It's about a rideshare driver who is also an axe-wielding maniac. Super fun to shoot. After that, I have another horror film on deck. And then next year, I’d really love to do this baseball drama I’ve been writing. I tend to do a lot of sports films. 

JG: What’s your favorite scary movie?

EC: Okay, I’m going to break it down to three if that's all right! Cronenberg’s adaptation of The Fly is just an incredible horror film that’s made such an impression on me. The 1989 version of Pet Sematary scared the hell out of me, and the sister scenes still do to this day. And John Carpenter’s The Thing is pretty much a requirement for any ‘Favorite Scary Movie’ list, am I right? 

JG: Absolutely.

EC: I watch it at least once a year. It’s brilliant. 

‘The Pining’ is available now on Amazon Prime Video.


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