Halloween 2018 Opening Fever

Halloween 2018 Opening Fever

Horrorific content by penguin_pete on October 06th, 2018 | Horror News, Videos |

Tickets going on sale now, this is not a drill! Halloween (2018) is getting an unprecedented surge of hype.

Even though it doesn’t hit theaters until October 18, box office forecasters have already decreed a $45M opening! Yep, industry experts assert it will be the highest-grossing opening in the franchise.

We’ll grant, it’s possible. There’s certainly been a lot of anticipation building up for it. But sometimes the Hollyweird hype machine does get a little ahead of itself. Let’s just take the ol’ wait ‘n’ see, shall we?

Not that that’s going to stop the inevitable sequel which is already in development.

If you’re not sick of them already, here’s yet another Halloween 2018 trailer:

And some interviews with the always kicky Jamie Lee Curtis, plus John Carpenter, David Gordon Green, and Jason Blum:

There, you trick ‘r’ treat kids tied over until, say, tomorrow? How about letting us know in the comments how stoked you are for the big release? We have to hear some of this buzz for ourselves.

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