Fredheads: Because Too Much Freddy Krueger Is Never Enough

Fredheads: Because Too Much Freddy Krueger Is Never Enough

by Pete Trbovich on November 13th, 2019 | Culture, Horror News |

Welcome to prime time, Nightmare On Elm Street fans! Youre getting your very own documentary now. Just as Star Trek fandom eventually forced the documentary Trekkies, Dream Warriors get to take the spotlight as they cosplay at conventions and regale the camera with stories of how Freddy Krueger enriched their lives. This is horrors big chance to come out of the closet, at least as far as some documentary participants speak it.

So, to Fredheads, scheduled to come out next year as related on the Facebook page of Fangoria magazine, still grasping defiantly at the ragged remains of the print industry even as it concedes to new media grudgingly. Well have more Freddy fun after the trailer:

For one thing, Robert Englund has been getting misty-eyed nostalgic for the good old days with the fedora, striped sweater, and back-scratcher glove. Hes been taking interviews saying hed like to see a prequel with a full-fledged origin story for his colorful, iconic character. That SyFy link also has a hilarious 2-minute recap of the NOES saga.

Thats how the beginning of the TV series Freddys Nightmares was supposed to go. And yes, take it from a Gen-Xer, that show happened, though it was an anthology series of random horror stories hosted by Freddy without much involvement otherwise.

But hey, while youre here, you havent seen Freddy Kruegers 1-900 commercial. We cant even explain this in the modern day, but throughout the 80s, paid phone lines were like a burgeoning version of the Internet. Youd get charged stinking crazy amounts of money to dial into party lines to socialize, porn lines to hear phone sex, and entertainment lines like this one, where you hear a very bad impersonation of Robert Englund tell a horror story.

And we have a whole other post about Freddy , covering music associated with the franchise. There, is that enough to keep you Fredheads happy? Fredheads. Youre stuck with that name now, you know. The Grateful Fred. Get used to it.

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